Germany Facts For Tourists

Germany is the ideal country for any vacation spot due to its colorful culture and rich history. There are many activities to keep you busy in Germany, whether you wish to visit one of the country's stunning woods or travel to one of the region's breweries. Here are ten facts about Germany that you should know before visiting there.

1 - In Germany, escaping from a prison is not a crime.


According to German law, prisoners have always had the right to escape from custody because it is a fundamental human right to be free. However, inmates are held accountable if they damage any property or hurt anyone during their getaway; therefore, escapes are rarely unpunished.

2 - Germany has a law against smoking in public places.


Within the nation of Germany, smoking is not permitted in public places. This encompasses places like bars, restaurants, and parks. Additionally, smoking is not permitted on the grounds of public youth services like schools and daycare facilities.

3 - In Germany, you may place a beer order using just your thumb.

Germany Town

Try placing your order with your fingers to drink beer like a true German. When your thumb is extended, you are placing a one-beer order. You're ordering three drinks if someone's thumb, index, and middle fingers are all missing.

4 - Although it is not prohibited, it is illegal to run out of gas on the famed German Autobahn.


Drivers are only permitted to halt on the highway in serious circumstances. The penalties for driving violations include fines and license suspensions lasting up to six months. Running or walking on the highway system is likewise prohibited and is fined about EUR 90.

5 - In Germany, 16 is the minimum age for drinking.


In Germany, teens who turn 16 are allowed to start drinking beer. However, kids cannot legally consume spirits or other stronger alcoholic beverages until they turn 18 years old. In Germany, minors are only permitted to consume fermented alcoholic drinks while they are in the company of an authorized adult. This is done to safeguard youngsters' health and stop them from abusing alcohol.

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6 - Germany is where the Christmas tree custom originated.


Germany is credited with creating the first Christmas tree, or Tannenbaum. With the aid of numerous German royals, the custom had, by the 19th century, spread throughout the nation and to nearby areas. On the contrary, the practice was introduced to America by German immigrants.

7 - In Germany, gifts known as Schultüte are presented to children as they begin school.


German first-graders get a Schultüten on the first day of class. A Schultüte is a homemade school cone produced by parents that is stocked with treats and supplies. Additionally, this custom dates all the way back to the nineteenth century.

8 - Infant names may be rejected under German law.


German civil registration office, or Standesamt, approval is required for baby names. The name should be changed if it is denied, or the judgment may be appealed.

9 - Germany has more than 400 zoos.


Germany also has more than 14 national parks, and its sixteen states are thought to contain the most zoos in the entire globe. Millions of people visit these zoos each year, with Berlin hosting the largest number of tourists. The Berlin Zoo is also among the zoos with the greatest variety of animals and is home to Germany's first zoological garden.

10 - There are beautiful castles in Germany.

Germany Castle

Some of the world's most beautiful castles can be found in Germany. In Germany, there are more than 20,000 castles, so there are lots to pick from when you go. Whether you want to explore lesser-known castles or go to iconic castles like Neuschwanstein, there are lots of options for you to visit.

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