Dog Breed Which Looks Like Fox

Have you ever seen what you initially believed to be a fox but was actually your neighbor's dog? Given that modern dogs are descended from wolves, a close relative of foxes, it is not surprising that several dog breeds are sometimes mistaken for foxes. Dogs, however, have developed the ability to comprehend and interact with humans, unlike their wild cousins.

1 - Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a good dog for outdoor enthusiasts since it requires a lot of physical activity. However, there are a few significant variations from the husky that it was originally bred to produce. Alaskan Klee Kai dogs, unlike Huskies, are better adapted to being companion animals despite having high levels of energy and a demanding need for exercise. This breed might be difficult for inexperienced dog owners, but with consistent training, they can make the most adorable puppies.

2 - Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz is a standard-sized, non-sporting dog breed that has its roots in Finland. The Finnish spitting sheep is the country's mascot. They are called "bark pointers" and were bred specifically for hunting. As a means of alerting the hunter that the dog has now discovered prey in the forest, barking plays a significant role in its hunting activity. The bright, vivacious, alert, and active Finnish Spitz has a tendency to guard its owners while being distant with outsiders.

3 - Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is extremely well-known thanks to its appearance in online memes. These dogs were originally meant to be hunters, but they have subsequently developed into relaxed companion animals. They resemble foxes in appearance due to their pointed faces and golden-red coats. Shiba Inus are extremely agile and powerful for their small size, as well as being distant and self-reliant. You can anticipate losing your Shiba Inu in a short amount of time if you let them off-leash! Doors, gates, as well as other escape routes need to be closely monitored.

4 - Akita


The Akita is a two-coated spitz breed with Japanese origins. It has triangular ears that stand straight, giving it a curious and alert appearance. They also have short, rough coats in red, orange, and brown, as well as heavily coated tails. Akitas are great guard dogs due to their tremendous loyalty and protective temperament. Do keep in mind that these puppies have great levels of energy, so ensure that you give them lots of exercise every day.

5 - American Eskimo

American Eskimo

The American Eskimo dog and the Arctic fox, both of which are white, seem similar. These canines frequently serve as loving, devoted, and protective observers for their families. They also enjoy playing outside, especially when it's cold, and they get along well with kids in general. Their thick coats shed a lot, so they must be well groomed.

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6 - Keeshond


Pomeranians and Samoyeds are extremely closely related to this breed. If left alone for extended periods of time, keeshonds often suffer since they enjoy their owners' company. This dog needs a daily run or stroll to stay healthy and content; it's even better if their owner plays with them.

7 - Icelandic Sheepdog

Icelandic Sheepdog

Over a thousand years ago, when Iceland was first colonized, these lovely herding dogs received their start. The Vikings brought spitz-type dogs into Iceland aboard their ships, where they assisted in herding sheep and horses. They eventually developed into what is currently known as the Icelandic sheepdog. Icelandic sheepdogs can have either long or short hair, and while both have upright ears and a thin, fox-like face, the long-haired variety has a more distinguishing vulpine appearance. The nature of Icelandic sheepdogs is one of friendliness, vigour, and devotion. They like both playing and learning.

8 - Dhole


Red dog and red fox dog are other names for the Dhole, or Indian wild dog. That dog is not a canine belonging to the "Canis familiaris" genus. It is a "Cuon alpinus" canid. It is indigenous to Southeast, Central, and South Asia. Dhole resembles the Indian and Arabian fox in appearance. Dholes and African wild dogs resemble each other a lot. They can dispatch prey that is ten times bigger than themselves. They can run at a high pace of roughly 34 mph. This species is a good swimmer and can leap 7 feet straight into the air. Dhole dogs are extremely gregarious creatures that live in gangs of eight to twelve dogs. They are considered endangered canines.

9 - Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano

The name alone conveys the appearance of this dog, which has an elongated body, pointed ears, and a wide muzzle like a vulpine. Unfortunately, the population of these dogs is steadily declining. Breeding programmes were started to save this dog breed from extinction in the middle of the 1960s and let it once again flourish on the planet.

10 - Schipperke


Although these dogs are typically devoted and caring, they have a propensity for barking. They are interested and playful dogs who enjoy participating in everyday routines, especially outside exercise, with their family. However, it irritates me when they run off to pursue a squirrel or other animal.

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