Breeds Of Cats With Unique Blue Coat

There are a tonne of colors when it comes time to get a kitten. You're in the right place if gorgeous blue-furred cats are among your favorites! The following list of eight cat breeds features lovely coats in a range of blue hues, from light gray to dark blue and blue cream.

1 - Russian Blue

Russian Blue

A variety of blue hues are available for the Russian Blue. The silver-tipped fur comes in a range of colors, from a faint bluish-silver to a dark slate blue. They typically have green eyes and a short, dense coat. Russian blues are friendly and playful but can also be rather silent. If you converse with them, they will engage in a lengthy conversation. These cats are nice and devoted animals who like to spend a great deal of time with their families. They interact well with other animals and kids. They don't adjust well to change, though, and they can be a little distant around strangers.

2 - Chartreux


The Chartreux is a peaceful, devoted, and affectionate feline friend with a distinct independent side. When they're in the mood, cats are the most affectionate towards their owners, but they don't want to be treated like stuffed animals. This cat is dignified and demands respect; they don't like to be forcefully restrained. The Chartreux will pick when to cuddle, so don't try to hold them constantly. Also, this cat is quiet and only occasionally lets forth a gentle meow. The Chartreux don't need continual care, and they perform well at home by themselves.

3 - Blue American Shorthair Cat

Blue American Shorthair Cat

Although it is somewhat uncommon, the standard-size American Shorthair can have different shades of blue as well. They come in many different hues and forms. They are known for their distinctively wide eyes and high-set, rounded ears. They are wonderful cats for young family members since they are sociable, easygoing, and mild. These cats are among the most popular types in the United States because of their laid-back nature.

4 - Nebelung


German for "monster of the mist," nebelung There's a good chance that this blue cat will vanish in the morning fog. The Nebelung is a graceful, consistently blue-gray cat that is closely connected to a long-haired Russian blue. Indeed, these blue cats resemble the well-liked Russian longhair cats of the late 1800s. The Nebelung, a longhair breed, has a medium-length, uniformly blue coat. The hairs of several blue cat breeds have silver tips at the ends. This breed's smooth, shimmering coat is in stark contrast to its green eyes.

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5 - Korat


Although the adult Kora cat weighs only 6 to 10 pounds, it nonetheless appears to be muscular. Large eyes that change from blue to emerald as they age are another characteristic feature of this breed.

6 - Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

The eccentric Cornish Rex is distinguished by its flowing coat. In addition to giving him a distinctive appearance, their fur has been likened to cut velvet, lamb, rabbit fur, and silk in terms of texture. It, along with their prominent cheekbones and large ears, makes them quite the focal point.

7 - Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is mainly remembered for its folded ears, but it can also be identified by its rounded head, adorable eyes, and unwavering loyalty to its owners. The Scottish Fold comes in a variety of hues and patterns, including silver-blue, and it's a short-haired, standard-sized cat that gets along great with everyone and enjoys following you around.

8 - British Shorthair

British Shorthair

British shorthairs are frequently referred to as "blue cats." Given that it is one of its most popular hues, the breed was once referred to as "British blue." A range of colors are available for this breed. They rank as one of the top blue cat breeds thanks to their distinctive blue fur and copper eyes. The coat of the British shorthair is short, thick, and dense. Although the color of its blue coat changes, it always remains a consistent light to medium blue.

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