Best Low Maintenance Bird For Beginners

Here are low maintenance pet birds; however, some are simpler to take care of as pets than others. Due to their smaller size compared to larger birds, these birds usually leave less of a mess. Additionally, because they need smaller enclosures, their carers have to do less cleaning. And while some prefer regular interaction with their favorite people, others are content to amuse themselves by playing with toys or other birds. These eight birds make good pets because they require little upkeep.

1 - Budgies


These tiny green and blue parrots were tamed by humans but are native to Australia. Since Melopsittacus undulatus is their scientific name, they are also referred to as "parakeets" or "buddies." The most common and straightforward bird to keep is a budgerigar because of its small size, ability to live in cages or aviaries, and lack of frequent handling requirements. It's preferable to purchase at least two budgies because this bird enjoys the companionship of other budgies and wants to hang out with them. Budgies typically consume seeds, fruits, and berries (such as apples, bananas, and grapes), as well as the occasional vegetable, such as broccoli or peas. Along with grit, which are tiny particles of limestone that aid in good digestion, they also require fresh water every day.

2 - Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch

Originally from Australia, the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) is a little bird. It has emerged as one of the most common species in recent times because it is upbeat, vivacious, conversational, and easygoing. People are basically wild over this little feathered species because it is robust and requires minimal maintenance. As a result, it is the perfect species for beginners.

3 - Dove


Doves are renowned for being incredibly low-maintenance and simple to handle. Doves enjoy playing by themselves for the majority of the day, even if they also enjoy associating with their keepers. Furthermore, because these birds aren't particularly big, it's simple to clean up after them. Your doves should be OK as long as you feed them balanced food and give them some exercise every day. Doves are prone to vitamin D deficits, so place the cage close to a window so your birds may enjoy some sunlight, too.

4 - Canaries


Canaries are yet another fantastic option for bird enthusiasts who would rather watch and listen to their pet bird than take it outside and handle it. Canaries behave similarly to finches in that they dislike being handled by humans and would rather remain within the cozy confines of their cages. There are several distinct varieties of canaries, and each one requires a particular level of care. Overall, though, people who don't have a lot of free time to devote to a pet should consider getting one of these small birds.

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Another low-maintenance bird species is the cockatiel. Due to their reputation for friendliness and small size, they are also highly popular. They have a head crest and feathers with various color patterns. Cockatiels often have a modest stature. They are thought to be easier to train than some other parrot species by experts. Cockatiels have a neat feature: You can train them to mimic human speech and to recall and sing specific songs! Cockatiels require you to remove them from their cages for a few hours each day in order to receive proper care. They unquestionably require some interaction with their human friends. Having said that, as long as you've provided them with a toy to play with, you may let them be by themselves for the majority of the day.

6 - Lovebird


Another species that condenses the appeal of a huge parrot into a more manageable, smaller package is the lovebird. Contrary to popular belief, lovebirds can survive alone as long as they interact with their keepers for at least a few hours each day. Give them a large cage filled with toys that are particularly safe for birds to gnaw on.

7 - Pionus Parrots

Pionus Parrots

Despite having a similar shape, the Pionus is not at all like its fiery Amazon cousin from South America; the African gray parrot is chattier, but the Pionus is just as peaceful and devoted. Like all parrots, the way a Pionus is raised by its human caretakers influences if the bird will be timid or make a great buddy. Pionus owners ought to plan on spending a great deal of time with their birds. If the Pionus coexists with other obnoxious, demanding birds, it may not receive the care it needs. Read This: Beautiful Parrots Species On Earth You Definitely Love To See Them

8 - Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots

Those green party animals are as enormous in personality as they are! They can pick up talking, develop a passion for singing, and enjoy interacting with and developing relationships with others. These birds are quite simple to take care of because they are communicative about their requirements and wants. Spend some time getting to know your Amazon Parrot, because if you don't, they might bite! They require a lot of social connection and are not a good fit for someone who is constantly on the road. Choose very large cages to offer your parrot space to move about. This is unquestionably one of the best bird pets for you if you're seeking a big, sociable, energetic friend!

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