10 Short Facts About the Ancient Rome Empire

Rome, the Eternal City, draws 7–10 million people annually and is brimming with history, art, and delectable cuisine. Rome has been in the public eye for centuries, so one would think that all of its secrets have been made known. There are, however, other lesser-known tales about the city that you might not be aware of. See whether you know any of the following 10 interesting facts about Rome by reading this.

1 - In the year 735 BC, Rome was founded.


Romulus was considered to have built Rome in 753 BC. According to legend, Romulus and his twin brother Remus were abandoned in the Tiber River and fostered by a she-wolf. The boys were eventually located by a shepherd, who adopted them as his own. After becoming an adult, Romulus battled Remus, killed him, and took over as Rome's first emperor.

2 - Numerous goddesses were worshiped by the ancient Romans.

Ancient Rome

Each deity also had a specialization; for example, Janus was worshiped when there was a shift in one's life, while Venus was worshiped if one had a love problem. The Romans imported gods from various nations and even made the emperors into deities.

3 - Rome allows cats to roam freely.


Cats are allowed to dwell where they were born in Rome without being bothered by the law. Numerous cats can be seen roaming the Colosseum's walls and sleeping in the Forum's ruins while you're in Rome.

4 - Two brothers who had been raised by a she-wolf created Rome.

Ancient Rome

Romulus and Remus were identical twins who were left behind not long after birth. On the banks of the Tiber, they were found by a she-wolf, who took them in and nourished them. The boys eventually grew up and founded a city. However, they argued about who should lead their new city like brothers, and Remus was slain. After ascending to power, Romulus gave the city his own name: Rome.

5 - They used to eat their dinner while relaxing on couches.

Ancient Romans

Instead of tables and chairs, if you were invited to a dinner party in ancient Rome, you would be taken to a room lined with sofas. They used to support themselves on their left arm while bringing food to their mouths with their right. Attempt to persuade your parents to allow you to try it!

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Ancient Rome

That is correct! The original city of Rome was progressively layered with structures over hundreds of years, and today the entire city is underground!

7 - Roman bridges are still in use and standing today.

Ancient Rome

One of the most stunning is the Alcántara Bridge in Spain, which spans the Tagus River. Emperor Trajan ordered its completion in 106 AD. There is an original inscription on the bridge that reads, "I have created a bridge that will stand forever."

8 - Urine was sometimes used to wash Roman clothing!


The Ancient Romans used it to wash their garments in urine since it contains ammonia, a potent bleaching agent! Men could use public urinals that were located at numerous street corners; each day, the contents were collected and taken to the laundries.

9 - The world was invaded by the Romans.


You might be familiar with the phrase "The Roman Empire." The reason they had an empire was that they traveled the world, conquering other nations and incorporating them into their own. They didn't only stay in Rome. They even invaded Britain, which is why the UK has so many Roman artifacts today. Along with much of what is now Britain, the Mediterranean Sea was completely surrounded by the Roman Empire.

10 - Romans used to share baths.


The Romans used communal baths—large baths where everyone might enter at once—to keep themselves clean. In Britain, one of these baths from the time of Roman administration is still in use. In Bath, that's also! The reason Bath is named Bath is because of the nearby Roman baths.

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