10 Las Vegas Facts You Didn't Know

Neon signs, infinite poker tables, and obscene stage performances. People from all around the world recognize Vegas for a variety of distinctive features. But than most people realize, there's actually a lot more going on here. For ten entertaining, little-known facts about Las Vegas, continue reading.

1 - Las Vegas makes marriage simple.

Las Vegas

Are you eager to marry? Las Vegas makes it simple to exchange vows. Due to the simplicity of obtaining marriage licenses, Las Vegas offers a variety of expensive wedding settings and is frequently chosen. Like the resorts surrounding the renowned strip, the venues are also inventive and iconic. To exchange vows in some of the well-known locations in this large metropolis, many tourists travel to Vegas.

2 - The 7th busiest airport in the US is McCarran International Airport.

Las Vegas

The 7th busiest airport in the US is McCarran International Airport in Nevada. There are about 22 million passengers who use McCarran International Airport every year. It's interesting that the airport is in Paradise, Nevada, as opposed to Las Vegas. You wouldn't know it, though, from the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, gaming machine, and other Vegas-related decor in the airport.

3 - An electricity bill of $15,000.

Las Vegas

The cost of illuminating the Luxor pyramid's brilliant light is high. It will cost $51 in electricity to keep it running for only one hour. That would be almost $15,300 each month. Think about receiving that invoice in the mail.

4 - There are around 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Do you need a place to stay? In Vegas, you won't have any trouble locating an open room. More specifically, they have more than 150,000 of them. From the world's most popular tourist attraction, we wouldn't expect anything less (not to mention the entertainment capital). And the MGM Grand isn't just included on this list of interesting Las Vegas facts because of its enormous bronze Lion statue. With 6,852 rooms as of 2019, it has the most rooms of any of the hotels in Las Vegas.

5 - Prostitution is not authorized.

Las Vegas

State laws, not federal regulations, have made prostitution illegal in the great majority of the U.S. But still, it is permitted in a number of rural counties in the state of Nevada. Nevertheless, prostitution exists in other parts of the nation.

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Las Vegas

Technically, Sarah Avenue marks the border between the city and the infamous "Las Vegas Strip," which is just outside the city. Although the Stratosphere is technically located in Las Vegas, most of the area to the south is in unincorporated Clark County. Nevertheless, you'd be excused for not knowing as everything is essentially referred to as "Las Vegas"!

7 - In Las Vegas, how simple is it to acquire a divorce?

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, there is no waiting period for divorce. Divorce petitions must meet certain criteria, such as a six-week residency requirement. But there is no waiting period if you are eligible to petition for divorce. The court can grant your divorce as soon as everything is finished. The application price may be as little as $199 if the pair decides to move further.

8 - The first street constructed in Las Vegas was Fremont Street.

City View of Las Vegas

A fun destination off the Las Vegas Strip is Fremont Street. It also has a lengthy history because it is a part of "Old Las Vegas." For instance, Fremont Street was paved for the first time in Vegas in 1925. The earliest gambling hotspot in the city is located there, along with the oldest casino and hotel in Las Vegas.

9 - The world's marriage capital is there.

Las Vegas

It's hardly surprising that the city hosts fewer weddings compared to any other location in the United States, given that it makes marriage simple. Up to 9,000 wedding events, including first weddings and vow renewals, take place here each month, making it the "Marriage Capital of the World."

10 - In Las Vegas, there is one slot machine for every four people.

Las Vegas

With over 164,000 slot machines and 635,000 residents, Las Vegas, Nevada, has one slot machine per four citizens, which is another noteworthy fact about the city. The Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas offers the most slot machines of any hotel and casino there, but you can find slots in most casinos there to try your luck.

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