Ten Facts You Should Know Before Visiting Norway

Norway is likely one of the most gorgeous nations in all of Europe. It boasts a variety of unique natural features, including the Northern Lights, fjords, mountains, and more. However, one of the most notable things about Norway is that it adheres to the idea of being aware of our actions. Here are some of the most fascinating facts about Norway that you should know before visiting if you want to learn more about this part of Scandinavia.

1  - In Norway, Christmas is a big deal.

Norway Christmas

When Christmas finally arrives, with all the decorations, events, and holiday happiness, it is a much-needed vacation. If you're thinking about taking a festive vacation over the holidays, it's a fantastic winter destination in Europe to visit because there are so many Christmas markets.

2 - Skiing is a hobby for Norwegians.


Norwegians enjoy spending time outside walking and hiking, but they really enjoy skiing. Many Norwegians consider cross-country skiing to be a form of religion, and they also like downhill skiing and ski jumping. Given that skiing was developed in Scandinavia, this is hardly surprising. Sondre Norheim, a Norwegian, was the first to develop a ski binding.

3 - The Norwegian royal family.


The throne is now held by Queen Sonja and King Harald, who have been members of the royal family since the eleventh century. In the Royal Palace in Oslo, the family has resided since the 19th century. Of course, the emperor has no authority, and they belong to a constitutional monarchy.

4 - Norway's northern lights are best to see?

Northern Light

There is a solid reason why Norway is well recognized as a hotspot for the Northern Lights. The northern lights can be seen in several Norwegian cities above the Arctic Circle from the middle of September to the beginning of April.

5 - It ranks among the happiest nations in the world.


One of the world's happiest nations, according to The World Happiness Report, is Norway. This is due to a variety of factors, including the fantastic economy and the government. But even the great outdoors and stunning scenery make it worthwhile to live there.

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Mountain Sunset

In Norway, the sun never rises in the winter, just as it never sets in the summer. In the Arctic Circle's northernmost section, the sun doesn't ever rise. If you have seasonal affective disorder, now probably isn't the time to go. 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, at Troms, there is a significant seasonal change in light. Polar Night, which lasts from November through January, likewise sees no sunrise.

7 - Norway is home to the world's longest road tunnel.


The longest road tunnel, which is at least fifteen miles long, is in Norway. The Laerdal Tunnel was constructed at a cost of $110 million to the nation. The tunnel's purpose is to link the unincorporated towns of Aurland and Laerdal.

8 - Norway was the very first nation in the world to switch off FM radio.

Norway Mountain

In 2017, the nation switched to digital. Local stations continue to transmit on FM; therefore, this change solely affects national radio networks.

9 - One of the major centers for modern art is Oslo.


For those who enjoy the arts, Oslo is the nation's center for contemporary art. Both modern and Scandinavian influences may be seen in the artwork. To get the most out of your trip, visit the numerous art galleries. These include the Munch Museum, the Norwegian National Gallery, the Aker Brygge Wharf neighborhood, and many other places.

10 - Some of the most varied natural landscapes can be found there.


One of the most interesting things about Norway is that it contains some of the world's most diversified natural environments. There are fjords, an archipelago, snow-capped mountains, wildlife, and much more. Norway is wonderfully peaceful, and anyone who appreciates the outdoors and the beauty of nature would enjoy it here.

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