Which Dog Breeds Are the Most Obedient?

Some breeds are known to be very stubborn, yet they may also be very intelligent. Therefore, compliance might not always be effective. The dog breeds that often excel at obedience have traits like intelligence, a desire to please, and enthusiasm for learning.

1 - Border Collie

Border Collie

These dogs are intelligent workaholics. They find things really quickly, and occasionally you may catch them asking, "Is that everything you wanted?" If you wish to keep along with this highly trainable breed, improve your skills.

2 - Poodle


The poodle's sophisticated appearance is largely responsible for its widespread popularity. But this breed also has a high level of intelligence and a great desire to please. Poodles often love to learn and are devoted to their owners. They can become specialists at picking up difficult skills if you make training enjoyable for them. Additionally, because of their inherent athleticism, they can thrive in dog sports like agility.

3 - German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is indeed an obedient and highly sensitive dog that is frequently used in military and police duties. Despite not being as highly sensitive as a Border Collie, they are extremely energetic. So even if you have no prior experience with dogs, you can manage them more easily. The GSD's commitment to safeguarding its families is one of their best traits. They are a particularly devoted breed of dog to possess since they are constantly prepared to defend and shield their owner from harm.

4 - Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

They are incredibly amiable, polite, and patient, and frequently have an endearing zeal for life. It is well known that dogs have a strong desire to please. Because of this, as well as their intelligence, they are especially receptive to training. They frequently have a strong desire to eat and will go to great lengths for enjoyment. Read This: All Retriever Breeds: What Are the 6 Types of Retrievers?

5 - Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers were once bred to serve as tax collectors' guard dogs, and they still possess strong protective instincts and a keen sense of friendliness. This is a serious dog who wants to please his owner but is also sensitive and intelligent.

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Labrador Retriever

The differences between Labrador Retrievers and golden retrievers are numerous. Because of their intelligence, energy, and calm and kind disposition, they are also another breed that's frequently trained as a service dog. They are known for having strong retrieval skills as well. Food rewards are equally effective in labs during training as they are with golden. Just keep your portions in check because labs are prone to obesity. Random Labrador Retriever Facts

7 - Rottweiler


The large Rottweiler is a commanding breed of dog that excels when given a mission to fulfill. It is a natural defender. That suggests that training is not only extremely helpful to the happiness of the dog but also very trainable.

8 - Papillon


The smartest of the toy dogs excels at agility, common tricks, obedience, and other admirable social skills. He is particularly skilled at training his masters. The Papillon is the ideal breed for those looking for a petite, intelligent dog that is also simple to teach.

9 - Vizsla


In general, Vizslas are extremely strong, enthusiastic, loyal, and intelligent. They are commonly referred to as "Velcro dogs" because of their propensity for being eager to please and their extremely close bond with their owners. Vizslas need to exercise frequently, so training is a good way to allow them to do so. Dog sports are the best way for such canines to exercise their minds and bodies.

10 - Keeshond


The Keeshond is typically intelligent, obedient, kind, amiable, and simple to teach. Although they usually have a placid temperament, these dogs are incredibly attentive and curious, and they are continuously taking everything in. Furthermore, because of their athleticism, they usually do well in discovering new dog sports and show a lot of enthusiasm for trying new things. But because Kesos were bred to be watchdogs, you may need to invest more time in training to keep their vigilant barking under control.

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