Interesting Mandarin Duck Facts

The Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) is considered one of the most stunning birds in the world. This is often the result of its beautiful plume, which is created from an array of colors that you simply cannot help but notice. However, there is more to the current species than simply flashy feathers. Whether or not it's their advanced prayer ritual or their cultural significance, there is a tonne to understand regarding the Mandarin Duck. Here are eight of the most fascinating facts regarding this colorful creature.

1 - Female Mandarin ducks lack the colorful appearance of their male counterparts.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are legendary for their obvious looks. And yet, that attribute isn't universal for the species. Like several alternative bird species, only the males have this eye-dazzling look, whereas the female Mandarin ducks have less obvious coloring. They require gray or cream feathers with matching bills. That does not mean feminine Mandarin ducks have no characteristic options, however. Their eyes stand out as a result of a white ring that encircles them and extends to a stripe on the face.

2 - Mandarin ducks have a complex courtship ritual.

Mandarin Ducks

Male Mandarin ducks must still work to find a mate, despite the fact that their colorful plumage aids in this process. Mandarin ducks engage in a unique courtship ritual, similar to that of many other bird species. The males display their dominance by shaking, bobbing their heads, pretending to drink and preen, and raising their crests and orange "sail" feathers. Despite being largely silent creatures, they also use sound in the form of a whistling call during the courtship process.

3 - When they are molting, male Mandarin ducks look like females.

Mandarin Duck

During this period of time, the male duck stays around the female, whereas once the eggs hatch, he leaves the female to rear the chicks, and he molts and sheds his colorful plume. At this point, the male is unable to fly because he has additionally shed his primary flight feathers. Because his bright plume has faded and only brown and grey color remains, the male now resembles a female.Therefore, he blends in with his surroundings and additionally hides from predators.

4 - Mandarin ducks make their nests in cavities in trees.

Mandarin Duck

The natural surroundings of Mandarin ducks consist of dense forests near lakes, marches, or ponds. They don’t like highlands and prefer to breed in low-lying areas, although they'll be found in valleys at altitudes of up to 1,500 metres (4,900 feet). Females lay their eggs in a large nest built into tree cavities. They lay nine to twelve eggs quickly, sometimes within a month of the Gregorian calendar.The female is the only one incubating the eggs, and the male occasionally leaves the nest before the eggs hatch. The ducklings don’t stay in the nest for very long because their mother pushes them out of the tree and leads them to a nearby body of water!

5 - They are symbols of affection and fidelity.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are illustrious for being monogamous, which means they mate at all times. As a result of this, the creature has become a symbol of affection and fidelity for couples in China, Japan, and Korea. It is common for one of those duck figurines to be precocious to newlyweds, and they are typically used as a primary cure to assist in maintaining a healthy relationship. There are references to the duck as dating so far back because of the beginnings of Buddhism; there's a legend within which a pair of Mandarin ducks impress with their warmheartedness for each other. They appear in both Japanese mythology and philosophical theory.

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Mandarin Duck

It's fine to eat Mandarin ducks because they won't make you ill. But everyone can agree that they taste awful! Perhaps it's because they consume weeds and worms, or maybe their meat is just inherently disgusting. But the fact that they aren't being hunted for food is one of the reasons they are thriving in the wild.

7 - They are wedding presents in Korean.

Mandarin Duck

A Mandarin duck set is a pair of duck carvings that are traditionally utilized in Korean wedding rituals and frequently presented as bridal presents. Mandarin ducks are preferred because it is thought that, in contrast to other species of ducks, they form lifelong bonds with their partners and will grieve together if one of them passes away.

8 - Mandarin ducklings are daring when they are young.

Mandarin Ducks

The eggs are laid by a mother Mandarin duck up to 30 feet in the hollow of a tree, but as soon as the ducklings hatch, they must head for water. Although the young creatures cannot fly yet, this does not prevent them from making their way to the earth. Each duckling takes a leap, pushing itself out of the tree's hollow and dropping freely to the earth, while the mother mandarin below yells encouragement. The tiny mandarins emerge unscathed since the ground is cushioned by grass and leaves.

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