Popular Chinese Cuisine: 10 Must-Try Chinese Dishes

The history of Chinese culture spans thousands of years. Chinese culture has always been at the forefront of its age, innovating in fields like ceramics, construction, art, poetry, martial arts, fine arts, philosophy, and religion. This is due to its ever-evolving philosophy. One section, though, is distinctive. For ages, Chinese food has been a leader in culinary innovation. Chinese restaurants and their chefs never cease to amaze, producing exquisite delicacies that are enjoyed worldwide. Here, we honor Chinese cuisine by listing 10 of the country's most well-liked dishes that you simply must try in preparation for the forthcoming Chinese New Year.

1 - Hot Pot

Hot Pot

Since it can accommodate everyone's preferences, Chinese people view the hot pot as their first choice when hosting a dinner party. As its name suggests, the hot pot is prepared in a sizable wok that is heated continually on a stove. Slices of meat and various vegetables are added to the boiling soup, after which people wait for them to be fully cooked. The spicy and flavorful Chongqing hot pot and the Beijing copper pot with instant-boiled mutton are its representatives as a China hot pot.

2 - Dumplings


Dumplings have long been a staple of Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinners, particularly in the northern regions. Zhang Zhongjing, a Chinese medicine sage, invented it over 1,800 years ago to treat frostbitten ears. To make the filling, people nowadays combine minced pork, chicken, mutton, or beef with chopped vegetables, then wrap it in a thin piece of dumpling skin and pinch a wrapper into the shape of an ear. For a good omen, people also wrap peanuts, brown sugar, dates, and coins on Chinese New Year.

3 - Peking Roasted Duck

Peking Roasted Duck

Peking duck Beijing kaoya, a dish from Beijing, is well-known worldwide and recognized as a staple of Chinese cuisine. People adore the Peking duck's thin, crispy skin. Sliced Peking duck is a popular meal that is frequently eaten with pancakes, sweet bean sauce, or soy sauce with mashed garlic. This meal is a must-try when in Beijing! Because it was "the first cuisine to be consumed in China," Beijing Roast Duck was originally regarded as a noble dish in ancient China. It has been referred to as the "national dish of diplomacy" ever since Premier Zhou Enlai, the very first Premier of the People's Republic of China, served it for the first time to foreign guests in the 1970s. officials from the administration, leaders of state.

4 - Yangzhou Fried Rice

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Fried rice is a dish made of cooked rice and other ingredients, most commonly meat, eggs, vegetables, and fish.One of the most popular Chinese meals is fried rice. Making fried rice at home is simple when you have leftover rice, meat, and/or vegetables from the previous dinner. According to legend, Li Hongzhang, a significant diplomat in the late Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), instructed his chef to prepare a dish that would appeal to both Chinese and foreign diners. The foreign visitors and government representatives both ate the fried rice that the chef had prepared.

5 - Chow Mein

Chow Mein

Chinese people refer to a dish of stir-fried noodles as "Chow Mein," and just like Fried Rice, Chow Mein comes in a variety of flavors since different types of meat and veggies are utilized. To prepare chow mein, the noodles must first be boiled before being rinsed with cold water. When the oil in the hot wok is heated, add some oil and add the prepared meat. Stir-fry the meat for a bit. The meat should next be seasoned by including some veggies and seasonings. Finally, add the noodles to the wok and stir-fry for a brief period of time before serving. Due to its simplicity, both Chinese families and Western tourists love this dish.

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Kung Pao chicken

Kung Pao chicken is one of China's most acclaimed and well-known cuisines. This traditional dish is frequently first thought of as typical Chinese food and originates from Sichuan cuisine (southwest China). This dish's refined simplicity and stir-fried chicken, peanuts, veggies, and chili peppers are sure to please.

7 - Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork is known as "gú lóuh yuhk," and it has a delightful sweet and sour flavor. There's only sweet and sour pork at first, but to suit demand, this meal has undergone several changes. Now, different products like chicken, beef, or pig ribs can be used in place of the pork.

8 - Dim Sum

Dim Sum

Dim sum is one of the most well-known Cantonese dishes. It includes a wide variety of miniature dishes, such as dumplings, rolls, cakes, and preparations of meat, seafood, dessert, and vegetables. Today, there are more than a thousand different types of dim sum. Guangzhou is where dim sum first appeared. Tea is a favorite beverage among Guangdong residents, especially at lunchtime. As a result, they frequently eat dim sum for both breakfast and lunch at their tea parties. It is a well-liked method for hosting social parties or getting together with friends and family.

9 - Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

It is totally comprehensible why spring rolls have come to represent other Chinese foods and Chinese cuisine, as they make the ideal side dish. These fried and savory rolls filled with cabbage, vegetables, or other meat fillings were once eaten as a seasonal snack at spring celebrations, but they are now a crispy and delicious addition to any meal.

10 - Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu

Tofu Ma Po One of the most well-known dishes in Chuan Cuisine (Sichuan food), M.P. Dufu (literally, "Pocked Granny Beancurd," has been around for more than a century. It includes beancurd and some minced meat (beef or pork) in a hot sauce. Fermented black beans and chili paste (douban or douchi) are used to make the sauce. Ma Po tofu was created in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She was a grandmother with the last name Chen. Chen's face reportedly has several pockmarks. People called the dish she prepared Ma Po ('Pockmarked Granny') tofu because in Chinese, ma means "pockmarked" and "po" means "grandma." Later, her aromatic and spicy meal gained enormous popularity. It was brought to Japan, where it also became a well-liked delicacy.

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