10 Fun Facts About Quokkas, The "World's Happiest Animal"

Quokka deserves the title of the world’s most adorable and happy animal. These teddy-bear-sized fluffy animals are irresistibly cute. There’s no Australian wildlife that may match a quokka for beauty, with its nervy grin, friendly temperament, and similitude to a mini-kangaroo. Learn ten things you may not have acknowledged regarding Australia’s most lovely animal.

1 - Petting them is illegal.


There are so many strictly outlined laws in every language that you simply cannot interfere with the fauna within the wilds of Australia. You must also not feed them unless you are a trained professional. If you do not understand the correct diet, it is often harmful to the animal, and you may also get maltreated with a $750 fine, in line with Western Australian current laws.

2 - Quokkas are recognized as the "happiest animal in the world" because of their smile.

Happy Quokka

Quokkas are adorable, playful, and recognized for being super cute, earning themselves the nickname "world's happiest animal." These small creatures are coated in short, fluffy brown-gray fur, have very small round ears, small black noses, and the most charming and photogenic smiles.

3 - They’re famous for selfies.


Many quokkas have very little worry about individuals. Because of the massive numbers of tourists in their habitats, quokkas have adapted to human interaction and can approach people in search of food. They even get close enough for guests to want to take selfies with them.

4 - Touching them is forbidden.


Despite their friendly look, touching or harming quokkas is taboo and generally dangerous. They're classified as a vulnerable species by the IUCN, resulting in laws encompassing their surroundings and human contact. Quokkas are capable of inflicting severe bites and transmitting enterobacteria. Touching or harming quokkas carries massive fines from the Australian government.

5 - Quokkas come from the same family as marsupials.


Quokkas are a species of the marsupial and kangaroo families, collectively referred to as the Macropodidae. Strangely enough, these lovely hirsute friends share similar characteristics to kangaroos, together with the fact that they wish to hop around and carry their offspring in a front pouch. They're typically documented because the short-tailed wallabies are too.

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Quokkas need the little water they have to survive. Despite the fact that these animals prefer to live near bodies of water, they rarely drink. This is often as a result of their extracting most of the water they have from the plants they eat—their favorite being the guichenotia (a flowering bush). Once the water supply is low, as long as their food supplies stay stable, quokkas will go without water for as long as a month.

7 - Their reproduction depends on where they live.


Those who sleep on the ground in Australia breed year-round and may have up to two offspring a year. Quokkas that live on Rottnest Island only breed once a year and generally have just one offspring, known as a "joey."

8 - They eat vegetables.


Quokkas eat primarily grasses and leaves and are thought of as browsing herbivores. According to the Australian depository, they will go long periods without food or water and feed alone or in small groups during the hours of darkness.

9 - They eat their regurgitated food.

Cute Quokka

When quokkas eat that leaf-eating diet, they do not chew the food. They swallowed it whole. This is frequently not an extremely cost-effective method of obtaining the most important nutrients from food, so what do they do? They regurgitate their masticated food and then eat that food a second time. This time, the food is already partly digestible, so the quokka's body will get additional benefit from it.

10 - They’re nocturnal animals.


Another way quokkas avoid the heat is by sleeping in the shade during the day and then starting to play at night. This means you should be extra cautious when walking around car-free Rottnest at dusk, though clever quokkas are quite adept at dodging visitors.

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