What Are the Ideal Exotic Pets?

Exotic animals make excellent apartment pets since they don't irritate close neighbors or harm your property. They are frequently small and quiet, and they don't need a lot of outdoor space. They are as amusing and affectionate as more traditional pets such as dogs and cats. View ten different exotic pet species and learn why they are appropriate for tiny homes such as apartments and condos.

1 - Rabbits


Did you know that people can adopt one of over 50 different breeds of rabbit? They are peaceful, petite, and exotic mammals that enjoy cuddling and keeping their owners company. Since they have been litter-trained, they don't require access to the outside. Allowing your rabbit to roam freely around your house is another way to give it exercise. However, because they enjoy digging and chewing, make sure your apartment is secure and that they can't get any electrical cords. Read This: What Breed of Rabbit Is the Cutest?

2 - Rats


Rats are calm, kind, and wise creatures. They are ideal for compact homes because of their small size and moderately simple maintenance. Their cage requirements are reasonable, at around 2 cubic meters per rat. They frequently enjoy perching on people's necks or laps and are typically easily domesticated. If you leave the house, rats will most likely spend the day sleeping. Although they awaken throughout the day to socialize, animals are most active at night.

3 - Ferrets


Ferrets are excellent pets since they are quiet and very playful. They will sleep most of the day while you are away. Additionally, they need a sizable cage with ample room for them to play. Additionally, you have to watch out for their mischievous tendencies. By trying to make sure ferrets can't escape and by shutting off potentially dangerous hiding places, like the oven, you can ensure that your home is ferret-proof. In your state, you could need a permit to own one.

4 - Hamster


Considering that they don't require a lot of space, hamsters typically make suitable pets for apartments. They make peaceful pets and are reasonably clean exotic animals that don't shed. Having these exotic creatures at home is usually comfortable for people with allergies. If you handle them frequently, you can also tame them rather simply.

5 - Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos

Due to their amiable demeanor and exquisitely spotted appearance, leopard geckos are one of the most popular pets among lizard owners. Insects that are readily prepared at most pet stores are another simple way to feed them. They frequently prefer mingling with and being handled by their human owners to other lizards. They are excellent for apartment dwellers since they often just need a small tank—10 gallons is usually sufficient—but they perform better in tanks of 15 to 20 liters. Additionally, unlike other reptiles, they usually do not require a UVB lamp, even if their tank must be maintained at a specific temperature. Leopard geckos can spread salmonella to you, so it's crucial to wash your hands after handling one.

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are relatively simple to handle and have a strong social need. They vocalize with a "wheek" sound, which is not loud enough to annoy neighbors in an apartment building. Additionally, their enclosures are quite large. These rats require a cage with a minimum area of 7-8 square feet. It doesn't need to be much taller than a foot or 18 inches because they don't usually climb. They value the opportunity to interact, explore, and play outside of their cage. Make sure there are no hazardous plants or exposed wires in your home, and take care to cover any wooden fixtures if you allow your pet to roam freely.

7 - Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

These reptiles are noted for being sociable and quiet. They are so simple to maintain that they are even great for beginners. They don't get very big and can fit in an apartment, but they do need a habitat that is big enough for them. And in most states, it is acceptable to own bearded dragons. They can, however, also transmit salmonella to people who don't wash their hands frequently enough. Additionally, they need some work to eat, which includes prepared fresh veggies and live insects.

8 - Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs do not require a large cage; a suitable enclosure should be at least 2 feet by 3 feet in size. Because they are primarily nocturnal, they won't care if you are gone during the day. People with allergies should consider getting a hedgehog as a pet because they are quiet and shed very little dander. Most of the time, they are kind and alone. Check your state's rules on exotic pets before you adopt one because they may be prohibited or require permission in some areas of the U.S.

9 - Frogs


A frog can be the ideal pet for you if you want a pet to show off and look at but live in a small apartment. Most frogs only require a 10- or 20-gallon tank, so they don't require much room. They also require little care—they just require feeding a few times per week. There are many different varieties of frogs to pick from, including aquatic frogs, tree frogs, and sedentary frogs, so you should do your homework before choosing one as a pet. Even though some male frogs sing, it usually isn't loud enough to annoy nearby residents.

10 - Chinchilla


This cute, energetic pet would be a great addition to your residence because it's tidy and odor-free. Chinchillas can develop a strong attachment to you if you treat them tenderly from a young age, and because they are nocturnal, they will sleep for the majority of the day. These exotic animals need a minimum of two feet in their recommended living space.

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