Interesting Halloween Facts That You Didn't Know Before

Halloween is a holiday of everything spooky, and in the US, it's accompanied by some peculiar customs like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. Here are some random facts and other fun information about this special event.

1 - It used to be possible to avoid ghosts by dressing up in costumes.


The Celtic people and other Europeans used the custom to hide from departing spirits in its early stages. In order to keep ghosts happy and away from their homes, people used to wear masks when they left their homes after dark so that they would appear to be fellow spirits.

2 - Turnips, not pumpkins, were once carved by people.

Turnips Halloween

The history of punkies and lanterns can be traced back to England, Ireland, and Scotland. Turnips are traditionally harvested at this time of year, so they are plentiful in the autumn. They were a vital component of our ancestors' winter diet, providing vital nutrition and vitamins. In the past, turnips were carved with horrifying faces to mimic demons and devils in order to prepare for Halloween. Many people immigrated to America from England and Ireland in the 1800s to live. They brought their Halloween costumes with them, but they made their Halloween lanterns out of pumpkins rather than turnips.

3 - Trick-or-treating has been done since the Medieval Era.


It's not a brand-new custom to accept candy from total strangers on one night a year (and only that one night!). It was referred to as "guising" back then in Scotland and Ireland. Young people donned costumes and knocked on doors in search of food or cash in exchange for singing, writing, or performing other "tricks." Nowadays, the custom has changed to involve kids dressing up and begging for candy. Nowadays, very few people perform for their sweets, but a simple "thank you" can go a long way.

4 - The word "witch" is derived from the Old English word "wicce," which means "wise lady."


To go even further, "wiccans" were in fact well-liked, and their opinions were highly appreciated. Salem most likely would have made use of this.

5 - A spider on Halloween is lucky or unlucky?


Even though many individuals have a common hatred of spiders, seeing one on Halloween night is seen as very lucky. A loved one is supposedly keeping an eye on you if you spot a spider on Halloween. Spiders are frequently seen as an emblem of riches and prosperity throughout the world. Another folktale claims that if a spider enters your pocket, it will grant you everlasting fortune.

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Due to their nocturnal habits, October is also known as "Owl Month" and is connected to Halloween. Along with black cats, it is also thought that owls were originally the companions of witches. Owls are frequently thought to be shrewd and cunning, and because of their increased ability to complete little jobs for their owners, they make trusty familiars.

7 - Black cats are misunderstood.

Balck Cat

Unjustly, black cats are associated with unlucky things. They have a long history of bad repute dating back to the Middle Ages when they were thought to be a symbol of the devil. After being associated with witches and dark magic for hundreds of years, black cats eventually came to be feared and derided.

8 - Scarecrows for Halloween stand for the holiday's historic and rural origins.


One of the most recognizable Halloween decorations is the scarecrow. As they are frequently erected in extensive crop fields, scarecrows are thought to symbolize the celebration of the autumn harvest season. These ornaments are also used by farmers to prevent birds from eating their crops.

9 - A child is said to have the ability to communicate with the dead if they are born on Halloween.


There are numerous myths surrounding births on Halloween. One of them entails having the capacity to speak with ghosts and spirits from birth. Some claim that a child born on this day will develop immunity to evil spirits and the capacity to perceive the dreams of others. A baby born on this day, though, is thought to be cursed and unlucky by certain people.

10 - Halloween used to be thought of as a romantic festival.


Halloween used to be a day for romance before gaining a reputation as a holiday centered on ghosts, spirits, and ghouls. On this day in Ireland during the 18th century, matchmaking was a well-liked pastime. Halloween used to be mostly about gazing ahead and at the living. This meant finding a husband for many women.

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