Amazing Japanese Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Japan is exclusive in its own right and boasts fascinating cultures and social paradigms that one can’t find anywhere else in the world. Also, although Japan is one of the most socially and technologically advanced nations on Earth, it's additionally unique in terms of its individual culture and rules. Here are the same interesting facts about Japan.

1 - Japan Has a High Life Expectancy


It is known that the Japanese have one of the world's longest life expectancies due to their rich cuisine! Many people attribute Japan’s long life to the country’s traditionally healthier diet than Western countries. Their diet includes a larger quantity of fish, less chicken, and additional vegetables.

2 - They have a "suicide forest."


Called "the good place to die," the Aokigahara forest has the unfortunate distinction of being the world’s second-hottest place to require one’s life (The Golden Gate Bridge was the first).

3 - The traditional December 24 meal is KFC.


Plenty of Japanese celebrate Christmas, but the gala fare isn’t what you might possibly expect. In Japan, it’s ancient to move to your native KFC on December 24. A calculable 3.6 million Japanese feast on the KFC Christmas Dinner, and hours of queuing and ordering weeks prior are anticipated. Some say turkey and chicken weren’t widely accessible for the Christmas-curious Japanese; therefore, commissioned military officer Sanders stepped in to answer the demand.

4 - The capital of Tokyo is the most populated town in the world, but it's astonishingly quiet.


Almost thirty-eight million people board Tokyo, making it the world's most inhabited town. And whereas places like Shibuya Crossing make you aware that you are in a very busy town with tens of different folks, most streets are therefore so quiet that you will simply hear a pin drop. It is a true testament to the quiet, respectful nature of most Japanese folks.

5 - There are more pets than kids.


Back in 2013, Emma Goldman Sachs found that there have been more registered pets in Japan than there have been kids. At the time, there were 20.1 million cats and dogs registered, with 16.5 million kids below the age of fifteen. Japan is also a paradise for pet lovers.

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Around fifty-seven percent of folks in Tokyo use public transportation, thereby creating large commuter struggles. If records are to be believed, most of the railways operate at over 100 percent capacity. To tackle this example, the town even hires "transit pushers" to push people inside the trains throughout the day.

7 - Japan is home to the deepest underwater mailbox.


A cool Japan reality is that Susami is home to the world’s deepest underwater mailbox. Susami is a popular fishing town in Wakayama Province. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized the town’s deepest underwater mailbox in 2002. The mailbox is thirty feet underwater and has collected over 32,000 items of mail since 1999.

8 - There’s a rabbit island in Japan.

Japan Facts

Japan is composed of nearly 7,000 islands. The tiny island of Okunoshima within the sea is known for its curious, big-eared population. The island was wont to take a look at chemical weapons throughout World War II, and it’s said that subjects roamed free once the war ended. Either way, the numbers flourished in very predator-free surroundings (dogs and cats are prohibited from entering), and these days Okunoshima could be a trendy spot for cuddle-bunny tourists.

9 - 
It is one of the most secure countries in the earth.


Japan’s rate is sort of nonexistent, making the country one of the very best-ranked countries on the annual international Peace Index. you may feel that security walking the streets (or if you happen to leave one thing unattended in a very shop).

10 - There are millions of vending machines that sell everything from food to sex toys.


The vending machines here in the United States pale in comparison to the vending machines in Japan. whereas the primary vending machine in Japan sold out of cigarettes, these days magazines, flowers, drinks, and full meals are often bought from the 5.52 million vending machines nationwide. The country’s fascination with automation is incontestable during this slot machine culture, as virtually each street in Japan has a minimum of one slot machine.

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