10 Things to Know Before You Adopt a Rabbit

Are you currently considering welcoming a rabbit (and two!) into your family? Following cats and dogs, rabbits are indeed the third most common furry pet. However, with distinct care requirements and behaviors, they are not like cats or dogs! Here are ten things you should know before bringing a bunny home.

1 - 
The average lifespan of a rabbit is 10 to 12 years.


This could be the most crucial thing to understand about rabbits because they require a significant amount of daily and weekly care throughout their lives. Considering how long rabbits live, it's a lot of work that involves more than simply feeding and cleaning up after them. It's an especially huge commitment if a rabbit is presented to a child as a pet, then that kid goes off to college and the rabbit becomes the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

2 - Not every bunny gets along.


Before acquiring a second rabbit, the two rabbits should meet on neutral ground to ensure they get along. To decrease aggressive behavior and mating, rabbits confined in the same exercise box or large cage should be spayed or neutered.

3 - They aren't good pets for children.


Yes, every child would want to have their own little bunny; however, the rabbit might be less delighted with a tiny child as their primary caregiver. As prey animal, rabbits are readily spooked by loud noises or loping motions. Going to pick up rabbits is also prohibited since it may cause them to believe they have been captured by a predator.

4 - Rabbits enjoy chewing.


Rabbits are unable to distinguish between good and bad chewing material. As a result, every portion of a house that your rabbit may access must be rabbit-proof. This means no access to potentially harmful items such as electrical cords, literature, or furniture. Provide your rabbit with something to chew on, such as cardboard boxes, chewing toys, or bunny-safe chew sticks.

5 - Rabbits follow their own timetable.


Rabbits are nocturnal, which implies they sleep both day and night. So, when do they get up? Dawn and dusk! While this is ideal for evening cuddling on the sofa, it may not be ideal for sleeping, particularly when they have free reign of the house.

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6 - Rabbits require daily exercise.


Rabbits require space to run, leap, and exercise, preferably in a rabbit-proofed bedroom or playground. Check out our advice for stimulation both inside and outside the rabbit's home for ideas on how to keep your rabbit occupied. It is suggested that rabbits have several hours of exercise per day.

7 - Rabbits are excellent house pets.


Rabbits are too susceptible to predators and too social to be left alone in the wild. Because rabbits must be kept indoors, please remember that they are easily startled and should not be maintained in a noisy environment. Rabbit Facts:

8 - Rabbits require a nutritious diet.


In addition to rabbit pellets, grass hay, including timothy or brome, is an important portion of a rabbit's diet to maintain their intestinal tract. Rabbits must have constant access to hay. Leafy greens, including such dark-leafed lettuces, collard greens, turnip greens, and carrot tops, are also essential for rabbits.

9 - Rabbits also require grooming.


Rabbits are excellent groomers and do not require baths. Grooming is necessary to avoid matting, particularly in extremely long rabbits.An adult must also cut the nails of rabbits every four to six weeks. Cutting their nails too short can be unpleasant and cause bleeding.

10 - They enjoy cuddling on their own terms.


Rabbits are extremely soft and silky, which contributes to their allure. They enjoy being stroked if it is done correctly, which is usually close to the floor or on your lap. Picking them up too high helps them feel insecure. You'll have to educate them from an early age to become used to cuddling; it's not something that comes naturally. Begin by getting down on the floor and touching them, then move them closer, hug them, and place them on your lap. Read This: 
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