10 Interesting Facts About Pigs

Pigs are one of the most adaptable creatures that humans have domesticated. While they are commonly perceived as piggish, dirty, and not particularly bright, anyone who has lived with actual pigs knows that they are astonishingly intelligent and complex creatures. Here are some fun, shocking facts regarding pigs.

1 - Pigs don’t sweat.


Sweat like a pig? While this can be a standard phrase, it's not accurate! Pigs don't have sweat glands, which means they're unable to sweat. Instead, to cool themselves down, pigs get pleasure from wallowing in mud.

2 - Pigs are clean animals.


Pigs are literally terribly clean animals. In fact, they are among the cleanest animals on the planet, refusing to excrete wherever they sleep and eat if given the option. Even newborn piglets can leave their sleeping areas to relieve themselves!

3 - Pigs wallow in mud or water to cool down.


Animals have alternative ways to cool off: humans sweat, dogs pant, and elephants flap their ears. Pigs, on the other hand, do not trust any of these and instead appear as mud or water to avoid warming. Researchers agree that rolling in the mud may provide protection against parasites and sunburn.

4 - Pigs are smarter than dogs.

Baby Pig

Pigs are improbably sensible animals, and their high level of intelligence systematically ranks them among the neatest animals in the world. An analysis of their high psychological feature ability shows that they'll play advanced games, use tools, acknowledge their own name, and learn basic commands and tricks.

5 - 
Mother pigs sing to their offspring.


This is the sweetest factor ever: mother pigs sing to their babies while nursing. Newborn piglets learn to run toward their mothers’ voices, and pigs perpetually communicate with one another. They require approximately twenty distinct grunts and squeals that range from expressing hunger to calling for mates.

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6 - Pigs have chintzy vision, however, and a good sense of smell.

Baby Pig With Ice-cream

Pigs will see things on the edges of their heads—useful for recognize food, other pigs, and potential predators—but they don't seem to be very good at seeing what is right in front of them. They compensate for their poor frontal vision by having a wonderful person. They'll use their snouts to discover food, and because of a touch of additional muscle that provides flexibility, the snout can also extirpate food.

7 - Pig squeals will get terribly loud.


With over twenty known pig sounds, pigs communicate through oinks, grunts, and high-pitched cries. Pig squeals, in particular, will get as loud as one hundred and fifteen dB, or nearly as loud as a common concert at one hundred twenty dB.

8 - Pigs have wonderful memories.


Scientific studies have shown that pigs can remember locations where food is frequently found, directions to navigate their way home, and can even recognize and remember different humans and pigs.

9 - Pigs dream and wish to sleep nose-to-nose.


Have you ever seen a piggy pile? Pigs like to keep connected with one another by sleeping nearby, typically ensuring to touch their friends while they drift off to dreamland! Pigs are among the most social animals, forming close bonds with both other pigs and humans.

10 - They also communicate through their body language.

Cute Pigs Baby's

Aside from human action through sounds and smell, pigs can also show visual communication to convey their messages. Like dogs, they'll wag their tails once they're excited. They'll either smile, cry, or nudge you with their snouts. Moreover, once piglets are squarely measured, they have an inclination to cluster.

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