Which Dog Breeds Are Best For Apartments And Small Places?

You can consider getting a dog if you live in an apartment or small space and your building allows pets. Although certain huge breeds are possible, many dogs, especially tiny to medium-sized ones, may flourish in compact spaces. Breeds of dogs that are typically quiet and have low to medium energy levels are the best candidates for an apartment or small living space. Although certain toy breeds are yippy and are too noisy for residences with near neighbors, smaller dogs tend to fit better in these places.

1 - Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon frise, one of the world's friendliest and cutest breeds, is a cheerful people-pleaser and unquestionably one of the best apartment dogs. Despite the fact that they make great agility competition dogs, they are also content to laze around peacefully on the couch for extended periods of time. They also won't frighten your downstairs neighbors because they weigh only about 15 pounds.

2 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

For a tiny cutie, that name is a mouthful. Why else would ardent supporters refer to them as "Cavs"? They are exceptionally affectionate canines that adapt well to environments and settings indoors, according to Ellis. They are renowned for emulating the moods of their pet parents. So the Cav adjusts to your needs, whether you're a homebody or constantly on the go. They also don't require big dog beds or kennels that take up a lot of room because they are small dog breeds. Since they are so attached to their humans and are happiest when they are by their side, they won't even use them much. These low-maintenance animals would also make wonderful roommates.

3 - Pug


Pugs are among the greatest apartment dogs due to their small size, even temperament, and loyalty. These curious four-legged jesters need a lot of time to thoroughly study their environment when they go for walks. Pugs may, however, easily loosen and unwind once they return home. They get along well with both adults and kids, and because of their adaptability, they make fantastic additions to homes where there are already other pets.

4 - Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Due to their need for activity, basset hounds—steadfast and devoted companions—make some of the best apartment dogs. Your basset hound should just need one excellent walk a day to stay healthy and content; the rest of the time, he'll be pleased to nap on a dog bed or play around lightly on the living room rug. Their inclination to drool as well as their big voices could be taken into account.

5 - Great Dane

Great Dane

A Great Dane and then a wolfhound? Yes, Great Danes are among the largest dog breeds in the world. But these gentle giants are known for their placid disposition, so they won't be boisterous or tip things over. They may occupy the majority of the couch, but they won't moan if you leave your towels on the floor or your dishes in the sink. They also don't require a lot of grooming or activity.

Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, as they're more frequently known, can be the ideal companion if you're searching for a vivacious, affectionate dog that's small in size but big on personality. Since the Victorian era, Yorkies have been used as four-legged friends, and their popularity hasn't diminished in the twenty-first century. Daily walks can help them calm down, and they're also low-maintenance dogs because you won't have to continually vacuum up dog hair from your furnishings due to their minimal shedding.

7 - Greyhound


We are aware that, coming from the quickest dog in the dog kingdom, developing a list of the best apartment dogs may seem counter-intuitive. However, the reality is that greyhounds only have two speeds: sprinting and napping. So even if they'll be happy to highlight how busy you are throughout the day and at night, life in your urban home should still be wonderful!

8 - Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers

You want to exercise, but your flat is too small for a treadmill. How do you behave? You should hire a Boston terrier as your personal trainer! According to Ellis, this is not the dog for the couch potato because they need activity. With a weight of around 20 pounds, they are lightweight and portable merrymakers that take up less room than an exercise ball. The Boston Terrier is a loving and caring dog, unlike some of the cruel personal trainers you've encountered in the past. They are one of the few dog breeds that don't bark excessively, and if those qualities weren't enough, they don't shed.

9 - Chihuahua


Looking for a little affectionate and more than a bit snarky dog? There is no better dog than the Chihuahua! Due to their diminutive size (which makes them convenient to transport while you're on the go!) and lack of exercise needs, chihuahuas are regarded as one of the greatest apartment dogs. Chihuahuas are happy in families with adults, kids, and other pets, but be ready to spoil them because they need human attention and develop very strong ties with them.

10 - Maltese


The Maltese are delightful; they are playful yet compassionate. It merely needs simple, everyday activities like a few short walks and fun. In addition, compared to many other small dogs, this breed is less inclined to be loud. Nothing makes me happier than cuddling up on your lap and showing you love.

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