Strongest Female Characters in Hunter x Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi is the author and illustrator of Hunter x Hunter. It debuted in the Shonen Jump in March 1998, and since then, it has amassed a big fan base. One of the rare shonen series that values female characters highly is Hunter X Hunter. These characters are never used only for comic relief, as is the case in many other shows, and they are never regarded as simply props. The fact that some of the strongest characters in the long-running series are women makes it so interesting.

1 - Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka Zoldyck

In the story, Alluka is without a doubt the most powerful character, greatly outperforming superhumans like Meruem and Netero. She can change dates and timelines with a single thought because her powers are based on magic, thanks to the Dark Continent ghost known as Nanika occupying her body. Given that she can make any wish come true, no matter how unlikely, Alluka has the ability to modify reality. Unfortunately, there are some inflexible rules and regulations that must be observed before making a request, at least for those who ask for her boons.

2 - Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger

Gon and Killua graciously accept Biscuit's offer to instruct them during the Greed Island arc. When Nen, Wing's original teacher, uses a single hit to knock Gon out cold, a wide variety of her powers are on display. Her most powerful and disgusting manoeuvre is when she transforms into her actual form, a big, muscular woman. In this form, Biscuit is capable of using all of her skills, although she rarely does because she enjoys the delicate appearance of her young body.

3 - Neferpitou


Even Netero admits that Neferpitou is much more powerful than he is, making her the strongest of the Chimera Ants. The Royal Guards were the target of Meruem's attack, but she was strong enough to withstand one of their direct hits. Shaiapouf, in contrast, was blown through a brick wall. Terpsichora is a very dangerous puppet dancer who gains even more strength after Adult Gon murders Neferpitou and is capable of ripping out his arm.

4 - Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia is a unique character for a variety of reasons, including her appearance and demeanor. She may have been reserved when she was a human, but after becoming a Chimera Ant, she completely changed. She is Killua's strongest rival in every way, in his opinion. Meruem's best efforts fail, and Palm has an unbreakable iron will and refuses to reveal Komugi's hiding place.


One of the few Phantom Troupe members, Pakunoda is prepared to give her life to tell her squad vital information. She can read people's minds thanks to her consciousness-related powers, provided she asks the correct questions. She just pursues the real truth, so it's a strategy that is impossible to avoid, even by jumbling up mental facts. Only once does Pakunoda employ her most lethal tactic, the Memory Bomb, in which she shoots six of her teammates in the head to impart to them her own memories of Chrollo's demise before Kurapika's curse obliterates her heart.

6 - Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine

Despite not liking to fight, Machi is here because of her incredible Transmutation Nen. She fixes severe wounds with a method known as Nenshi Hogo, including reattaching Hisoka's dismembered arms to his body. Machi occasionally uses her Nen threads to make her victims into puppets or to set up complex booby traps for them. Her threads keep their flexibility even though she can lift hefty objects.

7 - Tsubone 


Tsubone performs a variety of tasks for the Zoldyck household. She has exceptional abilities for someone in her position, one of which is her keen perception. Illumi Zoldyck was astounded when she discovered that someone was watching her through her monocle. Even when Killua was using Denko Sekka, she possessed the talent necessary to successfully follow him. She derives her ultimate power from Tsubone's Conjuration Nen, which she uses to change her body into various vehicles like a motorcycle and old-style planes.

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