Running Dog Breeds: Your Best Running Partner Could Be Your Dog

If you enjoy running and dogs, you might find the thought of a canine jogging companion appealing. Going running together may be a lot of fun and a terrific way to develop a relationship with your dog. A runner in the house can also be the ideal match for a breed that needs a lot of exercise for athletic breeds with lots of energy.

1 - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Strong, sturdy canines that have a long lifespan, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred in Africa to hunt lions. In a busy home, they will thrive. They can be a little obstinate and challenging to teach, so they need a handler who can provide guidance and constancy. They have a shut-off despite having a lot of energy, and as long as they have the right kind of mental and physical stimulation, they are happy to unwind at home.

2 - 


Weimaraner tend to be very devoted to the people they love and have unusual personalities. Without any preparation, your Weimaraner is likely to want to follow you while you run, making them a great option for a running partner. This breed stays cool even in hot weather thanks to its short coat. You'll probably find that your Weimaraner can keep up with you even on the longest jogs because they often need a lot of exercise and are quite lively.

3 - German Short-Haired Pointers

German Short-Haired Pointers

German Short-Haired Pointers make wonderful companion animals for those who lead active lives. Because of their hunting-related heritage, they are designed for endurance and like to put in long hours. The breed is vivacious, gregarious, and eager to learn. Because they are hunting dogs, they will undoubtedly have a strong prey drive, but this may be regulated with diligent training.

4 - Dalmatians


Despite belonging to the non-sporting category, Dalmatians are born athletes who require a lot of activity to flourish. Although little is known about the history of this breed, Dalmatians require constant activity. They were once employed as coach or carriage dogs to follow horse-drawn vehicles. They are popular for becoming firehouse dogs. Before there were loud sirens, dogs would run in front of horse-drawn fire trucks and bark obnoxiously to scare off onlookers.

5 - Vizsla


The vizsla is a dedicated hunting dog that enjoys physical activity. This sporting breed dog has great stamina and quickness. The vizsla does well in the heat and likes to stick close to its owner. This breed is sometimes referred to as "the Velcro dog." It makes a wonderful, dependable jogging partner.

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Border Collie

Border Collies are incredibly athletic, intelligent, and have more energy than the typical 5-year-old. Active folks find them to be the perfect partners. Because they were bred to be farm animals, Border Collies can work or transport livestock all day. They can easily endure endurance training for marathons, ultrarunning, and other extreme sports. Because they are intelligent and easy to train, Border Collies make great off-lead dogs. The smooth double layer of their black coats keeps them warm in both cold and hot weather, despite the fact that they are more prone to overheating. These dogs are the best athletes, but only those with adequate spare time to train and intellectually push them should own them.

7 - Greyhound


Greyhounds are commonly associated with racing, but they can also make fantastic family pets and jogging partners off the track. They are physically attractive, vivacious, and eager to "work." In addition, they are the world's fastest dogs, with top speeds of 45 mph. Keeping up alone will be quite a challenge!

8 - Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

A member of the working group, the Siberian husky was created to pull sleds across great distances in the snow. This breed enjoys running and seems to have endless energy. This dog might be your regular running companion if you reside in a cool climate. Husky long runs are not recommended in warm weather, though.

9 - Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Another busybody herding breed that stands out for its people skills and protective temperament is the Australian shepherd. This breed would be a great companion for someone who enjoys exploring new areas, and it would be a lovely addition to an active family.

10 - Terriers


Many little, active terriers like long runs. These breeds were developed to discover and kill vermin and to participate in fox hunts; they are persistent and resilient. If you're looking for a smaller dog to run with, think about getting a Parson Russell, rat terrier, Jack Russell, or wire fox terrier. An Airedale terrier is a good option if you want to run with a bigger terrier.

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