Pug Temperament and Health Concerns

The Pug is a breed of dog that originated in China and is recognized by its wrinkled face, small nose, and curled tail. The breed has a compact, square physique with well-defined, robust muscles all over the body, as well as a beautiful, glossy coat that comes in a range of colours, most frequently light brown (fawn) or black.

Life span: 12 – 15 years
Origin: China
Height: 25 to 30 cm (Female), 30 to 36 cm (Male)
Colors: Black, Apricot, Fawn, and Silver Fawn.
Temperament: Charming, Attentive, Stubborn, Clever, Mischievous, Affectionate, Docile, and Sociable.



Pugs are good family pets for kids since they are independent yet rarely violent. The bulk of the breed are excellent with kids and strong enough to play with them. They may be gentle and calm or animated and playful, depending on how their owner is feeling. Pugs frequently have a keen sense of awareness, are sensitive to their owners' moods, and are anxious to please them. Pugs are lively animals that like being around people. They frequently take naps and have a tendency to be snoozy. Pugs are sometimes referred to as "shadows" because they constantly follow their owners about, want to be near the action, and long for their owners' attention and love.

Physical characteristics


The "rose" and "button" ear shapes are unique to pugs. "Rose" ears are folded, with the front edge resting on the side of the head, and are smaller than "button" ears in the conventional sense. "Button" type ears are preferred in breeding.

Pugs have strong, straight legs that have good length and are well-set beneath. Their shoulders are somewhat relaxed. Their toes are well spaced, their feet are tiny, their ankles are sturdy, and their nails are dark. An underbite results when the bottom teeth stick out more than the top ones do.

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Health Concerns

  • Numerous health problems can affect pugs. They all have brachycephalic conformations in common. Fortunately, your veterinarian can help you manage many of their possible health issues.
  • Pugs frequently have to breathe through their mouths because of their brachycephalic breed's significantly smaller upper respiratory tract than that of other dogs.
  • Pugs must work harder to maintain their body temperature since dogs use their airways for this function, making them more prone to overheating.
  • Weight gain might exacerbate respiratory issues and make it simpler for a pug to become overheated. When recommended by a veterinarian, maintaining a healthy weight for your pug or putting them on a diet to prevent obesity will help reduce danger.

A respiratory illness
If your pug is nervous or disturbed, their breathing will become more vigorous. This harsh breathing causes their already narrow airways to further close, making it harder for them to breathe.

Without treatment, this may worsen until there is a collapse due to low oxygen levels.

True respiratory distress may be prevented by reducing stress and maintaining your pug's composure. Call your veterinarian or an emergency veterinary facility right away if you notice someone breathing heavily or having difficulty.

Eye Injuries
The potential for eye damage is a hazard that is exclusive to pugs. Since the pug's eye sockets are quite shallow due to the structure of their skull, their eyelids frequently can't close all the way. Because of this, it's simple for their eyeballs to get grazed, pierced, or even pop out.

All of these are emergencies, so your pet has to be taken to the veterinarian right away. These wounds can cause lasting damage or possibly the loss of an eye if not treated right away.

Dental Disease
Despite having tiny jaws compared to other dog breeds, pugs have the same number of teeth. They have many crooked and crowded teeth as a result.

Like us, animals with crowded and misaligned teeth may have more food accumulation between their teeth. As a result, there is a higher risk of dental disease, infection, and gingivitis. This may result in discomfort and tooth loss over time.

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