Demon Slayer Characters: Upper Rank Demons of the Twelve Kizuki

The upper-level members of the Twelve Kizuki. Every one of them has lived for a century at a minimum and killed dozens of Hashira. Some of them mutated their bodies to the point that they can't be killed simply by decapitation, in contrast to alternative demons.

Demon Slayer

1 - Kokushibo


In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kokushibo plays a key supporting antagonist character. He is the highest rank, Upper Rank One, among the demons affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki. In the Sengoku Era, about five centuries ago, Kokushibo was a human by the name of Michikatsu Tsugikuni. He was a former Demon Slayer and the elder twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the most powerful Demon Slayer ever. The person who transformed Zenitsu Agatsuma's senior, Kaigaku, into a demon and joined the Twelve Kizuki is Kokushibo, who is also the ancestor of Muichiro Tokito and Yuichiro Tokito.

2 - Doma


In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Doma appears as a major supporting enemy. He holds the second-highest rank among demons, Upper Rank Two, and is a member of the Twelve Kizuki. As a child, he was seen by his elders as an ideal, blessed kid, so they started a spiritual cult around his figure. After his parents' deaths, he assumed management of the cult, and once being reworked into a demon by Muzan, he started to feed his followers on the notion that those he devours can live forever within him. One member of his cult was Inosuke's mother, whom he ate up once she ran away from him upon learning of his true nature. He also killed Shinobu's older sister Kanae. To defeat him, Shinobu injects a large amount of wistaria into her body and allows herself to be consumed by him. Later, Kanao and Inosuke kill Doma.

3 - Akaza


Holding the position of higher rank 3, he's a demon who despises whoever he considers weak and offers those he considers robust enough to possess his respect the prospect of becoming demons. He was once referred to as Hakuji, who wore a scarf as a toddler to worry for his sick father before he committed suicide to free his burdened son. Hakuji was adopted by a martial artist and trained under him, while falling in love with his master's female offspring, Koyuki. Hakuji loses his new family after they were poisoned by a rival dojo who were unable to beat him in a very truthful fight, slaughtering them single-handed before being changed into a demon by Muzan throughout their battle, regains his human reminiscences and commits suicide by voluntarily ceasing his regeneration and dying from his wounds.

4 - Hantengu


On the face of a weak demon who holds the position of higher Rank Four, Hantengu shows his true strength upon dividing himself into multiple incarnations that denote totally different emotions, each with totally different appearances, personalities, and skills. He's killed by Tanjiro but lives long enough to tell Muzan concerning Nezuko's new resistance to daylight, much to his master's joy.

5 - Nakime 


A biwa-playing demon is accountable for dominating the eternity castle that Kibutsuji created as his base of operations. She was once a troubled musician who developed a worrying habit of murdering before a performance, as she associated her killings with clapping. She killed her husband for marketing her things. She gave up meeting Kibutsuji once she tried to kill him, solely to earn his respect for following him and grant her a new life as a demon. Nakime is later promoted to Rank Four after Hantengu's death. Nakime confronts Mitsuri and Obanai till she is restrained by Yushiro, prompting Muzan to kill her to forestall his enemies from taking management of the defensive structure.
6 - Gyokko


A demon with a distorted appearance who always nests himself in a jar. He holds the position of higher rank 5. Gyokko claims he is the creator and is unbelievably happy with his creations; one of those is twisting his victims' bodies while still alive, turning them into grotesque, living sculptures. His pride as creator conjointly goes up to now that he needed to interrupt Haganezuka's concentration by offensive him while he was sharpening a blade rather than killing him, since he needed to prove himself as the superior creator. He's killed by Muichiro.

7 - Daki


A demon disguised as oiran, Daki shares the position of higher Rank Six along with her brother Gyutaro, each taking advantage of her in the city district to draw in their victims. She uses her belt to soak up her victims and places them in a very secret location before avoiding them. The belt conjointly functions as her main weapon. Her human name was Ume, and he or she was born in the slums of the city district, together with Gyutaro. Her nice beauty junction corrected her success within the district at a young age. Once, when Ume was thirteen, she unsighted a customer's eye along with her hairpin; she was then slain in revenge. She was on the verge of dying together with Gyutaro, but was met by Doma, then the holder of the higher Rank Six. The two, afterward, became demons. She is killed by Zenitsu and Inosuke. After her death, she returns to her former look and meets Gyutaro in her life. He tries to push her away and send her to a brighter future, but Daki refuses to go away with him, reminding him of his promise that the two will survive together. The siblings enter Hell reunited.

8 - Gyutaro


A demon with a hideous look, Gyutaro shares the position of Rank Six along with his sister Daki. He typically hides inside Daki and emerges only if her life is vulnerable. He fights his toxic blood and two diabolical sickles because they are the basis of his Blood Demon Art. He's terribly protective of his sister and invariably watches over her from the sidelines. As twin holders of Rank Six, Gyutaro must be headless beside Daki to be really defeated. He's killed by Tengen and Tanjiro.

9 - Kaigaku


A young demon who earned the position of higher Rank Six once the deaths of Daki and Gyutaro occurred. Originally one of Gyomei Himejima's orphans, he was pursued by the other kids for stealing temple money and encountered a demon, which he then let into the temple in exchange for his life being spared, resulting in their deaths and Gyomei's wrongful imprisonment. He then becomes a member of the Demon Person Corps, learning the Thunder respiratory from Jigoro together with Zenitsu, before revealing the person corps and permitting himself to be reworked into a demon by Kokushibo, which leads Jigoro to commit seppuku in atonement. In contrast to Zenitsu, who solely perfects the primary of the six techniques of the Thunder Respiratory, Kaigaku solely perfects the other five. He's killed once Zenjitsu strikes him with a seventh, exclusive technique developed by him. 

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