10 Interesting Hippo Facts for Children

If you see a hippo, you will think all they are doing is idly bob in pools of water, blow air from their nostrils, and boast about their spectacular teeth with their goosey yawns. You will be stunned to find out that there's far more to those fascinating animals than you think.

1 - Hippos are most active in the dead of night.


While not thought-about nocturnal, most of the hippos’ hunting and activity happens throughout the night. They leave their resting waters at dusk and return early in the morning.

2 - Hippos are the second largest land animals on Earth.


They are ranked as the second-largest land animals on Earth after the elephant, of course. Males can weigh up to 3,200 kg and are roughly 3.5 m long and 1.5 m tall. That is equivalent to three compact cars!

3 - They are great swimmers.


Hippos are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for as long as five minutes underwater, despite their vast size. Their ears and nose curl closed when fully submerged to keep water out.

4 - They open their huge mouths and display their power and strength.


Male leaders in a group are aggressively defending their group from rival male hippos. They expand their massive mouths and flash their big, curved teeth to scare off competing males! Additionally, they roar and splash the water aggressively.

5 - Hippos can differentiate between friends and foes.


Hippos can tell who is a friend or enemy by the smell of their waste, or poop! Hippos frequently use middens, which are open spaces where they use the toilet. Hippos can then use scent to identify who has been in the area and whether they are regarded as a buddy.

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6 - Not all their teeth are for consumption.


They use their powerful back teeth to crush and grind their food. However, hippos even have those large, high teeth at the front. These are not for human consumption, but are intended to be used as weapons! Hippos will be pretty aggressive, and these huge teeth are usually enough to scare different hippos away!

7 - Hippos dwell in groups of 10 to 20.


Hippos often live in groups (or "herds") of ten to twenty members that are led by a single, powerful dominant male. Females, their offspring, and a few young non-breeding males make up the remaining members.

8 - They can run very quickly.


Hippos will run very fast! Hippos can outrun humans by up to 30 miles per hour. And you actually would not need a hippo chasing you (as we'll conclude in the next fact). Hippos do not want a lot of time to succeed at their prime speed either, and might begin running at a quick pace when simply given a few seconds!

9 - Male leaders of a group are fiercely devoted to protecting it.


Male leaders of a group are fiercely devoted to protecting it. They open their enormous mouths and flash their big, curled fangs to ward off competing males! Additionally, they generate obnoxious splashes and loud groans in the water.

10 - Hippos Mating in the Water


Hippos mate every 2 years, and most of the conjugation rituals come about within the water. Each male and female expresses their interest (or lack thereof) through vocalizations, visual communication, and even their own urine and faces. A male can travel, compete, and fight different males in order to attract the mate he requires; thus, only dominant, powerful males are generally allowed to mate successfully.

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