The Main Characters of Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)

Gakuen Babysitters is another name for school Babysitters is a Japanese cute comedy manga series by Hari Tokeino. After the sudden death of their parents, two young brothers named Ryuuichi Kashima (a freshman in high school) and Kotar (a preschooler) are left orphaned and with no place to call home. The head of the prestigious Morinomiya Academy offers to take the boys under her wing, providing them with a brand-new home and free tuition, under the condition that Ryuichi assists with the school's daycare center while also attending regular studies during school hours.

School Babysitters

Main Characters of School Babysitters

1 - Ryuuichi Kashima

Ryuuichi Kashima

He and his brother Kotaro lost their parents in a plane accident, leaving them orphans. They're taken in by Morinomiya in exchange for him serving with the school's keeper club. Ryuichi could be a kind-hearted, friendly boy who simply befriends individuals around him. He loves his brother Kotaro and would do something for him, attempting his best to support him. He gives his heart to the aid activities and all of the babies who come to him.

2 - Kotaro Kashima

Kotaro Kashima

Ryuichi's younger brother. Kotaro could be a small fry who loves his older brother and sticks with him. He is taken care of in the keeper's club, where he interacts with other children his age. He's overall the quietest of the infants, and is usually uncommunicative about dangerous or maybe risible things.

3 - Hayato Kamitani

Hayato Kamitani

A boy in Morinomiya Academy, the son of a teacher within the school, and Taka's older brother. He becomes friends with Ryuichi and sometimes hangs out with his friends. He's largely incommunicative, quiet, and infrequently says quite strictly required. He usually smacks him with Bangladeshi currency to get him to behave properly. Hayato loves and cares deeply for his brother, though he never brazenly states it towards him. He eventually joins the aid club as a member, doing activities both there and on the baseball team.

4 - Taka Kamitani

Taka Kamitani

The younger Kamitani brother is one of all the youngsters within the daycare. His boisterous and stubborn attitude usually puts him at odds with his older brother and sometimes alternative kids. Though he might never admit it himself, he deeply cares for his older brother and aspires to be like him.

5 - Takuma Mamizuka and Kazuma Mamizuka

Takuma Mamizuka and Kazuma Mamizuka

One of the Mamizuka twins. Takuma could be a terribly cheerful and outgoing small fry and isn't seen without a smile on his face. The second of the Mamizuka twins In contrast to his brother, he's terribly shy and vulnerable to tears at the simplest of times. He's terribly on the brink of Takuma and isn't seen while not him. Unassertive, he usually copies or finishes Takuma's sentences.

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Kirin Kumatsuka

The oldest small fry within the daycare She speaks comparatively more eloquently and with more politeness than her peers, though she isn't above stepping into shenanigans herself. She isn't seen without her favorite ruminant plushie.

7 - Midori Sawatari

Midori Sawatari

The youngest kid in the daycare is usually carried on the back of one of the babysitters, sometimes Usaida.

8 - Yoko Morinomiya

Yoko Morinomiya

The president of Morinomiya Academy, who lost her son and daughter-in-law in the same accident that killed the Kashima siblings' patent, Seeing them throughout the ceremonial occasion, she decides to take them each under her care under the condition that Ryuichi helps with the keeper club, providing him with a house and faculty. Though she tends to be strict and work-driven, she reveals a softer aspect of herself with time, perpetually observing the siblings and caring for them in her own way.

9 - Keigo Saikawa

Keigo Saikawa

Youko's pantryman and attendant He watches over the siblings and treats them as they desire. He is wholly unfadeable; he reacts with dry humor and tasteless jokes to any peculiarities he stumbles upon. Sometimes, once Ryuuichi is busy with exams, Saikawa takes his place at the keeper's club to assist the youngsters. He conjointly becomes friends with Usaida.

10 - Yoshihito Usaida

Yoshihito Usaida

A caretaker within the keeper's club He's most of the time seen sleeping on the task and is shown to possess rather demotivated behavior, claiming this is often as a result of the chairman being stingy. Though he doesn't appear to figure out what's strictly needed, he appears to worry for the children and Ryuichi.

11 - Maria Inomata

Maria Inomata

A student in Morinomiya Academy's special category. She could be a terribly studious woman, but is socially awkward. Though she will be able to be blunt and typically offensive, she isn't a foul person at heart; rather, she finds it troublesome to move with individuals' basic cognitive processes. She will find out that exhausting is all she excels at, and may become simply saddened. That shows that she will be able to be sensitive. She develops a crush on Ryuichi because he's oblivious and recurrently interacts with the aid club and its kids. The children like her, but her stern behavior will scare them now and then.

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