Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun: Romantic Comedy Manga Main Characters

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Izumi Tsubaki. Chiyo Sakura, a high school student, has a crush on her classmate, Umetarou Nozaki. Once she confesses her love to him, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her his autograph. When she says she wants to be with him, he invites her to his house and asks her to help him with some drawings. Sakura discovers that Nozaki is really a renowned manga creator under the pen name Sakiko Yumeno She agrees to be his assistant so as to be with him. As they work on his manga, Let's Fall in Love, they encounter alternative schoolmates, who assist them and function as inspirations for the story.

Main characters of 
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun:

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

1 - Chiyo Sakura

Chiyo Sakura

A pleasant high schooler with affections for Nozaki. Once she confesses to him by saying she's a fan, she gets Nozaki's autograph and, through more misunderstandings, becomes his inker assistant instead. She is a member of the school's art club, and she is skilled at drawing pictures and watercolors. She is petite and notably wears two giant hair ribbons with a polka dot pattern. At their school entrance ceremony, Sakura and Nozaki got to know first time each other. Her hairstyle and ribbons, long ago, were used subconsciously by Nozaki when planning his manga's heroine, Mamiko. Because of her intense enthusiasm concerning Nozaki, the majority of her peers are aware of her crush.

2 - Umetarou Nozaki

Umetarou Nozaki

A tall, stoic high school student and also the object of Sakura's crush, Using his pen name Sakiko Yumeno as a secret creator of the shojo manga Let's Fall in Love, revealed within the magazine Monthly Girls' Romance Despite creating a romance manga, he has no personal expertise in infatuation and appears unloved in the world. He appreciates Sakura's relationship and drawing ability, but is oblivious to her feelings. He lives on his own, having convinced his father that he would cover his expenses together with his manga royalties. In middle school, he was captain of the basketball team, but he stopped playing to focus on carting manga.

3 - Mikoto Mikoshiba

Mikoto Mikoshiba

Mikoshiba, nicknamed Mikorin, is one of Nozaki's assistants. Despite being fashionable and coquettish with ladies, he's kept and becomes embarrassed quickly when making daring statements. Sakura learns that he's the inspiration for Nozaki's heroine character, Mamiko, unbeknownst to Mikoshiba. He assists Nozaki in filling backgrounds with flowers and alternative gildings to bring out the charms. He's in school G and shares a category with Kashima. His hobbies embody grouping figurines and enjoying qualitative analysis simulation games, although he tries to hide his otaku interests from others. Mikoshiba admires a blog that features suggestive art by Nozaki's brother Mayu, under the belief that it's been passed to a woman.

4 - Yuzuki Seo

Yuzuki Seo

Sakura's athletic friend and acquaintance, Seo, typically offends her peers along with her brash temperament. She cannot browse the mood of a scenario. She also has no sportsmanship; the boys basketball team has her observe with them so that they can learn how to deal with difficult players. Despite her rude and tomboyish behavior, she has an associated angelic singing voice and is nicknamed the "Choir Club's Lorelai." She enjoys galling Wakamatsu, whom she calls "Waka," because she has developed a crush on him.

5 - Yuu Kashima

Yuu Kashima

Mikoshiba's ally and acquaintance She is extroverted, tall, and beautiful. In their first year, Mikoshiba and Kashima thought of one another as rivals. However, Kashima beat Mikoshiba in all aspects, eventually resulting in their relationship. Nearly every single lady within the faculty is smitten with Kashima because of "his" princely behavior and complete confidence compared to Mikoshiba. Though she enjoys the attention she receives from the ladies, Kashima is clearly in love with Hori and needs him to think of her as his favorite "cute khai." She is the star member of the college drama club and acts as each lead male role, typically that of an aristocrat. However, she typically skips club activities and creates outlandish concepts or comments concerning Hori, making her the target of his anger. Moreover, Kashima is tone deaf and therefore is rarely forged in musicals, so she has Seo be her singing coach.

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Masayuki Hori

Nozaki became the president of the college drama club and Nozaki's assistant for background work in exchange for Nozaki's writing scripts for the drama club. Despite having unbelievable acting talent, Hori is self-conscious of his short height and prefers to focus on guiding plays and building sets instead. He has a bad temper, triggered largely by Kashima, and reacts violently towards her whenever she says something inappropriate. Despite this, he still dotes on Kashima, sort of like a parent for her handsome looks and acting ability.

7 - Hirotaka Wakamatsu

Hirotaka Wakamatsu

Nozaki's junior is one of the basketball teams in school. He joins Nozaki's employees to try and do screentones. He may be too forgiving and naive, making him the most vulnerable target of Seo's harassment. Seo has a sleep disorder as a result of the stress he puts himself through during and outside of basketball season. Ironically, Wakamatsu straight away falls asleep whenever he hears Siren sing. He develops an infatuation with Siren, unaware of her true identity as Seo.

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