Interesting Facts About Flowers

Flowers beguile us with their pretty scent and physical beauty. However, several flowers have hidden attributes. For thousands of years, people have used plants and flowers as medicine. Some flowers, like the lotus, have non-secular or historical significance. Several flowers can also have uncommon characteristics or forms. Dive into the fascinating world of flower-lore and gain a contemporary appreciation for these plants.

1 - 
The oldest flower in the world is found in China.


The Archaefructus sinensis, also referred to as the "Mother of All Flowers," is thought to be world's oldest flower. Discovered by archaeologists in a very old fossil back in 2002, it had been believed to have bloomed over one hundred twenty-five million years ago in China.

2 - Tulips are priced at their weight in gold.


Back in the seventeenth century in the Netherlands, tulips were thought-about to be priced over gold and silver. One bulb may cost up to $2,000 back then. Now, they're quite a bit cheaper and may even be willing to replace onions in recipes!

3 - Gladiolus’ symbolic name


In ancient Rome, someone was affected by the gladiolus’ likeness to the swords gladiators employed in battle. that he called the flower gladiolus after the Latin word for brand, "gladius," 

4 - Gas plants

Gas Plants

Gas plants are famed for their delicate white and pink blooms, but the plants turn out rather simply. On hot nights, they emit a colorless gas that some believe will truly be lit.

5 - Gastrodia agnicellus produces the world’s ugliest flower.

Gastrodia agnicellus

An orchidaceous plant species recently discovered in Madagascar, called Gastrodia agnicellus, produces the ugliest flower in the world. The plant itself is so ugly that botanists labeled it the "ugliest orchidaceous plant in the world."

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Sunflowers are famed for their charm and brightness, and their name is truly terribly apt. Sunflowers love the sun, and their heads modify direction to aim toward the sun because it moves from east to west every day. Teleflora’s Sunny Sunflowers arrangement is a good gift for making anyone’s day a bit brighter.

7 - The Black Bat Flower is the most unusual flower.

Black Bat

The Black Bat Flower resembles a bat, which explains its sobriquet. The flower is characterized by its long drooping stamens. It conjointly sports the rarest flower color – black.

8 - Angelica could have had angelic powers.

Angelica Flowers

Ancient Europeans used angelica to cure a spread of ailments together with symptoms and therefore the plague. Apparently, the flower was believed to keep evil spirits at bay.

9 - Agave’s single blossom

The American Aloe

The century plant is commonly known as "the American aloe." That’s because it will flourish for years on end while not producing any flowers. Then, at the end of its life, the plant produces one flower and dies.

10 - Moon flowers’ odd blooms


Speaking of weird blooming patterns, moonflowers are another definitely distinctive plant. Several flowers would like a minimum of a bit of sunshine to thrive, but moon flowers bloom in the hours of darkness within the light-weight of the moon.

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