Horimiya: Romantic Comedy Series' Main Characters

The Japanese shōnen web manga series Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is written by Hiroki Adachi using the pen name Hero. Kyoko Hori's classmate is Izumi Miyamura, a sad and seemingly nerdy boy with glasses. Kyoko Hori is a smart and well-liked high school student. Hori is a home diva who dresses simply and takes care of her younger brother, Souta. She makes every effort to keep this from her classmates so as not to damage her reputation and worry others.


Main Characters of Horimiya

1 - Kyoko Hori 

Kyoko Hori

At reception, she could be a stunning, bright, average high school girl. However, at reception, she takes on a special look, chewing out and removing her makeup, fastening her hair back, and doing work while taking care of her younger brother. She doesn't want her friends to question her in that state, but if Izumi Miyamura insists, they will comply in order to keep their true identities hidden. She starts to feel attracted to Miyamura romantically.

2 - Izumi Miyamura

Izumi Miyamura

At school, Izumi seems to be a dismal pseudo-otaku fanboy with glasses and keeps to himself. However, outside of faculty, he's rather sensible and laid back, with a punk-styled look and nine piercings as well as tattoos. Despite his teacher's look, he has solely an off-the-cuff interest in manga and has mediocre grades. His family runs a store. He accepted his lonely existence; however, upon learning that Kyoko didn't mind his appearance, he slowly gained confidence and made friends among his classmates. In contrast to his gloomy image in class, Izumi's look outside the faculty would have simply gained him quality along with his pretty face that he hides behind glasses. Izumi grows his hair long to cover his ear piercings and wears long-sleeved shirts to hide his tattoos. He finds Kyoko's real face to be cute, even once she gets angry. He was fine with being friends, but his honest angle allowed him to inform Kyoko of the things he admired in her. They formally became a couple when Kyoko's father asked Kyoko whether or not Izumi was her adult male.

3 - Toru Ishikawa

Toru Ishikawa

Toru likes Kyoko and befriends Izumi after noticing the two are defraying more and longer. He learns of Izumi's secret regarding the tattoos and piercings. Toru confesses to Kyoko, but he is rejected. Later, Izumi viewed him as a friend.

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4 - Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki Yoshikawa

Kyoko's best friend, Izumi, was fascinated by him once she accidentally saw him without her glasses and didn't acknowledge him. Once she saw him once more with Kyoko, Kyoko tried to cover his secret between them by using speech communication. Izumi was her full cousin. Once Yuki met Izumi at Kyoko's home, he introduced himself as Konoha, a manga character. Yuki has a crush on Konoha but thinks Izumi is an ugly otaku.

5 - Souta Hori

Souta Hori

Kyoko's younger brother and son are Yuriko Hori and Kyousuke Hori. He first meets Izumi Miyamura after he is terrified by a dog; Izumi then takes him home, where she meets Hori.

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