Fun Facts About Africa, Also Known As The Mother Continent

Africa is a distinctively distinctive continent among all seven continents of the globe. Africa incorporates a terribly varied culture. It's made of cultural heritage and variety, a wealth of natural resources, and offers exciting tourist attractions. Africa is the oldest inhabited continent on Earth, giving it the nickname "Mother Continent." For more than 5 million years, Africa has been home to humans and their ancestors. These fascinating facts regarding Africa should be familiar to everyone.

1 - Tunisian buildings are created with fish bones  

Tunisian Buildings

Fish are thought to have supernatural significance to several people in Tunisia, which may be a geographical country, and they are used to protect against evil spirits. Some families can simply use footage of fish in their homes as protection, but there are many homes here that are designed with fish bones embedded into the walls and floors so as to guard the inhabitants from evil spirits.

2 - The longest river in the entire world, the Nile, flows there.

Nile River

The river is the longest river in the world – though some researchers are of the opinion that the Amazon is longer. It flows through many different African countries and is the main water supply for Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan.

3 - Africans were among the first to mummify their ancestors.


The next of our African facts centers on the culture of close death and also life. It's believed that African folks were among the first to mummify the corpses of their dead—virtually 9,000 years ago. This reality was discovered once the mummified body of a baby was found in Uan Muhuggiag in southern Libya. The child’s body was found curled in the fetal position and the technique used to mummify it had been terribly subtle for the time.

4 - 1500–2000 languages are spoken in Africa.


There are a minimum of 3,000 distinct ethnic groups in Africa, and around 2,000 totally different languages are spoken, and each of them has different dialects. whereas Arabic is the language that's most generally spoken on the African continent.

5 - The biggest land mammals are African elephants.

African Elephants

African elephants are the most important living land animals; they're so big indeed that they'll weigh over six tones and be up to seven meters long in size. They're typically compared to their Asian relatives, but they need several distinctive variations as well as the very fact that they're larger in size! They even have bigger ears, more wrinkles, and more rings on their trunks than their Asian relatives.

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6 - Africa is the warmest continent on Earth.


As you most likely already understand, Africa incorporates a terribly hot climate, and it's really thought of as being the world’s hottest continent. Around an hour of land is dry and lined by desert, and the Sahara Desert is the world's biggest desert with temperatures typically topping 100°F (or a prodigious 40°C). However, while Africa once had the most popular recorded temperature on Earth in El Azizia, Libya at 136.4°F (58°C), the continent also has the opposite extreme, with the coldest temperature in Africa being as low as 11°F (23.9 °C) in Ifrane, Morocco. This simply shows the range of the various countries here in Africa, and also that the variations don’t stop with the climate!

7 - In Africa, hippos kill a lot more humans than lions or crocodiles.


This is one of all our strange, yet true African facts. Male hippos are improbably territorial and can attack anyone who interferes with their house. Females of the species are notoriously protective of their young and can make plans to attack anyone they feel may be a threat to them or their offspring. Male and female hippos both have unusually sharp teeth and large canine jaws. Between them, these options will pack a mighty punch and may cause serious injury.

8 - It has one of the oldest universities in the world.


Although several adults are illiterate here, Africa is really home to at least one of the oldest universities in the world. The metropolis in French Sudan had become the center of all clergy by the twelfth century, and historians have even dubbed it the "Paris of Medieval Times." The University of Metropolis was founded in 982 CE, and it's one of the oldest familiar academic institutions.

9 - In Africa, the word "evil eye" first originated.

Evil Eye

Many people are aware of this term and use it in a very uncomplimentary fashion. Most people are unaware of where it comes from. Some African folks are terribly irrational and believe that giving anyone the look will cause great hurt, or perhaps illness and death. In Morocco, for example, some men paint or embroider red eyes on the rear of their garments to effectively counteract the potential danger of evil eyes.

10 - Africa is home to the world's biggest frog species.


It may really not be shocking that the world’s biggest frog species resides in Africa. It's named the Goliath Frog and may get older to a foot long in size and may weigh up to 8 lbs (heavier than the typical human newborn baby!). This cute, very small creature is also massive, but it’s harmless and is found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

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