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The main characters in the Dragon Ball series are all features around each other. The most distinguished protagonist of the Dragon Ball series is Goku, who, together with Bulma, forms the Dragon Team to go looking for the Dragon Balls at the start of the series. Once the reality of Goku's heritage is unveiled, Saiyan characters play a central narrative role from Dragon Ball Z onwards: Bardock and Trunks, from an alternate future timeline, function as the protagonists of their several aspect stories, whereas Goku's son Gohan, in short, assumes the role of series protagonist following the conclusion of the Cell Games adventure story. Vegeta is featured as the co-protagonist of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Z's Main Characters

1 - Son Goku

Son Goku

Son Goku, he is portrayed as a massively strong, pure-hearted, and intensely competitive young boy dedicated to defending his adopted home Earth from internal and external threats. Though he seems human, it's later revealed that Goku may be a Saiyan, and that his birth name is Kakarrot.

2 - Bulma


Bulma first appears as a young person with the Dragon Radar, a fictional device she created to notice the energy signal emitted by Dragon Balls. She is led to Goku's location by the signal emitted by the four-star ball in his possession and recruits him as a bodyguard, hoping to urge his four-star ball to grant her wish for a fellow. She tells Yamcha about her desire, and she marries Vegeta much later in the series. Goku and his friends have systematically provided essential school support to Goku and his friends in their battles against numerous enemies and threats throughout the series. A number of her notable innovations embrace a microband that would create her shrink and a machine that brought her son from an alternate future timeline, Trunks, to the past on multiple occasions.

3 - Krillin


Krillin is a bald martial artist and one of Goku's best friends and classmates. He and Goku are under the tutelage of Master Roshi at the start, his rival, but later a lover and a loyal companion in adventures thenceforth. He's killed by King Piccolo's spawn drum, but is later revived by Shenron. Once the fight with the Saiyans is over, he travels to Planet Namek, where he's killed by Frieza. After being brought back to life once more by the Namekian Dragon Balls, he helps out throughout the humanoid and cell arcs. He's married to a humanoid at eighteen and incorporates a girl, Marron.

4 - Piccolo


Piccolo is King Flute's offspring, created to exact revenge on Goku after his death, and after assuming the role of the "evil half" of the Japanese deity, he should ally with him and his friends to oppose the invading Saiyans, as well as coach Goku's son Gohan. He's later revealed to be a Namekian—a green-skinned, four-fingered, glabrous mechanical man species  titular Dragon Balls He dies while sacrificing himself to protect Gohan during the battle against the Saiyan Nappa, and is brought back to life by the Namekian Dragon Balls. Although he quickly maintains the partnership throughout the fights with Frieza and the Androids, by the time of the Cell and Majin Buu arcs, he accepts the very fact that they're allies.

5 - Son Gohan

Son Gohan

Son Gohan is the eldest child of the series' main protagonist Goku and his wife Chi-Chi. He is also the older brother of Goten, Videl's husband, and the father of Pan. The series's first hybrid character is Gohan. He was given the name Gohan in honor of Goku's adoptive grandfather.

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6 - Vegeta


Vegeta is the last blue blood of the Saiyan mortals, and therefore the fourth generation of the Saiyan royal bloodline, grips his person. He's first shown conquest of a planet along with his partner Nappa by paying attention to Raditz's fight on Earth with their scouters. They travel to Earth in search of the Dragon Balls, and he ends up fighting a recently revived Goku, but he retreats when Yajirobe, Krillin, and Gohan attack him repeatedly. He flees to rest before heading to Planet Namek to collect the Dragon Balls before Frieza does. Whereas on Namek, Vegeta yields to battle and kills several of Frieza's underlings. He's later forced to ally with Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin so that they can rebuff Frieza. Vegeta lives on Earth and has a relationship with Bulma after defeating Frieza. Once the Androids arrive, it's revealed he has fathered a son with Bulma, Trunks. Later in the series, he and Bulma have a younger kid named Brassiere who is not like her father and brother, and despite being half-Saiyan, she doesn't show any interest in fighting.

7 - Trunks


Trunks 1st seems as if a mysterious young man simply defeats Frieza and his father, King Cold, before Goku comes back to Earth from Planet Namek. It's revealed that he's Vegeta and Bulma's future kid, who has traveled back in time to tell Goku about the arrival of the Red Ribbon Androids that, in his time, have killed everybody else in the Dragon Team besides Goku,  died of a heart condition. Trunks' backstory is elaborated upon within the History of Trunks TV special. Trunks helps to fight against the Androids and Cell before returning to his future timeline. The character reappears in Dragon Ball Super to request help from the timeline's heroes, and conjointly appears in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Even as the Androids arrived, the Trunks from the series' main timeline were born. Trunks fights Majin Buu as a baby seven years later. At his age, he is already prepared to flip Super Saiyan by fusing with his supporter Goten to form the composite being Gotenks.

8 - Android 18

Android 18

Android 18 may be a Red Ribbon humanoid created by Doctor Gero and the sister of humanoid 17. Once being discharged, she travels with Androids 16 and 17 to seek out and kill Goku, although they're interrupted by Cell and the Dragon Team many times. The cell eventually absorbs her and 17 others. However, later throughout the Cell Games, a tough blow from Gohan causes Cell to regurgitate her. Though Krillin is unable to want for her to become somebody's, he's ready to have her destruct device removed. She settles down with Krillin, and for some reason, they need a girl named Marron. 18 continues to create revenant appearances as a secondary character, and later fights for Team Universe 7 within the Tournament Of Power arc.

9 - Son Goten

Son Goten

The youngest child of Goku and Chi-Chi is Son Goten. Once first introduced, Goten was trained by his older brother Gohan in preparation for the twenty-fifth World Martial Arts Tournament that their father attended. Throughout the coaching, Gohan discovers Goten is already quite robust as he has been coaching with their mother and might become an excellent Saiyan despite still being a baby. So as to avoid wasting the planet by Majin Buu, Goku and Trunks teach Goten and Trunks the fusion technique that permits them to create one being. Gotenks battles Buu multiple times, but he's unable to defeat Buu while an excellent Saiyan. Buu quickly absorbs Gotenks to extend his own power, but Vegeta and Goku are ready to retrieve him from Buu. Once Buu destroys the world, Goten and Trunks are killed. The Dragon Balls later bring Goten back to life alongside the remainder of the world so as to offer energy to Goku's Genki-Dama attack, which defeats Buu. Goten and Trunks seem to be the protagonists of the eleventh Dragon Ball Z feature motion picture show, Bio-Broly.

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