Did You Know These Facts About Left-Handed People?

Ten to twelve percent of people worldwide are left-handed, according to research. Being left-handed is excellent for a lot of reasons, despite the fact that sometimes it might be difficult to use right-handed scissors. Left-handed people have their own day and they count as intelligent and creative people. Use these ten facts about lefties to get to know them better!

1 - Faster Recovery From Strokes


For the vast majority of people, language function is mainly controlled by the left side of the brain. This explains why language is typically negatively impacted by strokes or other brain injuries that affect the left side of the brain. When it comes to language control, left brain dominance affects 95% of right-handed people while it affects only 70% of lefties. This indicates that lefties are more likely to recover their linguistic skills more quickly after a stroke.

2 - Famous left-handed political leaders

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Even while left-handers make up a very small part of the entire population, several have held high-level positions. There have been several left-handed US presidents in the past, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron and wartime PM Winston Churchill are left-handed people. Prince William, the future king of the United Kingdom, uses his left hand. Although George VI, the great-grandfather of William, naturally wrote with his left hand.

3 - Famous left-handed celebrities

Justin Bieber

There are several well-known celebrities who are left-handed. Although left-handed, singer Justin Bieber picked up a right-handed guitar as his first instrument even though he is left-handed. He tried to play the instrument backwards, but it was difficult to do so, and his mother eventually bought him a left-handed guitar, which he used to practice
 playing. Oprah Winfrey, Sir Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, and celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Hugh Jackman are among the other famous left-handers.

4 - August 13 is International Left-Handed Day.

International Left-Handed Day

They have their very own day to honor our distinctiveness every year on August 13. The day's goal is to raise public awareness of the difficulties that come with living in a right-handed society and to encourage people to respond positively to them.

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5 - When left isn't always right.

Left-handed people

Left-handed people were forced to use their right hand in the past, just like Prince William's great-grandfather, George VI. In the UK, left-handed people have historically forced their children to use their right hands for tasks where their left hand would naturally be used in the UK until recently. This still occurs in certain countries today. The use of the left hand is frowned upon or seen as impolite in many cultures. Eating, picking up, or handing anything over with your left hand in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Middle East is viewed as impolite behavior. Language itself demonstrates how left-handers are stereotyped.

6 - Leftists are accused of witchcraft!


So, as we all know, being left-handed is viewed negatively in many cultures, and historically, that has also been the case! The word "sinister" comes from the Latin word meaning "left," which has historically been associated with bad luck and even evil. Lefties were equated with the devil in mediaeval Britain and were accused of the crime of witchcraft, which resulted in their being burnt at the stake. Fortunately, left-handed people today only need to be concerned with smudging their writing.

7 - Animals also have left hands?


One of the rare animal species that exhibits preference between the left and right hand is the human. The majority of species, including apes, who are the closest relatives of humans in the animal kingdom, utilize each hand, foot, and paw equally frequently. Kangaroos, on the other hand, are left-handed creatures and frequently use their left paws for eating and grooming. Additionally, research has found that 90% of parrots pick items up with their left foot.

8 - Leftists use their brain's right side.


Because of the way the brain is wired, the right side of the body controls the left and vice versa. University of Oxford scientists say that "the brains of left-handed people work differently than right-handed people." In a study, participants who were left-handed had their brain activity tracked. According to researchers, lefties have stronger coordination between the two sides of the brain, especially in regions that affect language use.

9 - Lefties perform better at mathematics


Studies have revealed that left-handed people are frequently better at solving math issues, so it appears that calculating may be much easier for most lefties than writing. According to a recent study, left-handed students performed 5%–10% better on difficult arithmetic exams than right-handed students. Due to the fact that lefties frequently use more of the right side of the brain than righties do, which is connected to abstract thought and spatial reasoning, lefties are regarded as excellent problem solvers.

10 - Creative imagination in left-handed people.

Creative Imagination

The assumption that lefties are more creative has been supported by the extensive list of creative lefties and the strong connection lefties have to the right side of the brain, which is associated with creativity. But it's possible that this connection is more anecdotal than real. According to research, lefties tend to be better at divergent thinking, which helps people to consider more options for solving an issue than simply the obvious one. It's a talent that unquestionably supports creative thinking.

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