D.Gray-man: Main Protagonists

The writer and illustrator of the Japanese manga series D.Gray-man is Katsura Hoshino. It tells the story of a young Allen Walker who joins a company of exorcists named the Black Order. They use an ancient substance, Innocence, to combat a person called the Millennium Peer, and his wicked army of Akuma shall destroy humanity.


Main Character:

1 - Allen Walker

Allen Walker

Allen Walker could be a warm-hearted 15-year-old British exorcist. Mana Walker, his adopted father, was transformed into an Akuma 
(demon) by him. As a result, Allen gets scrutinized and eventually imprisoned.

2 - Cross Marian

Cross Marian

In the Black Order, Cross Marian is a general. He stopped communicating with the Black Order four years before the plot line, after receiving his orders, until recently, when he's shown to have infiltrated Noah's Ark. Cross could be a hard-to-please individual who is difficult to please. He's usually in debt, so he would have Allen and also Noah Jasdevi pay money for him. Cross wears a mask on his face, which might be used to disguise himself. Cross has the distinctive ability to convert Akuma and create them to work under his orders. He's the sole general whose actions have caused peer concern. Before his suspected death, the fourteenth, Noah, told Cross to speak once to Mana Walker, because the fourteenth could come back to him someday. However, his comeback was temporary, as he disappeared from his area within the Black Order's new headquarters, wherever there had been signs of an attack; his innocence was left behind, which is the last anyone saw of him.

3 - Yu Kanda

Yu Kanda

Yu Kanda is a delinquent and immature exorcist who is usually incompatible with Allen Walker. He sees lotus flowers blooming everywhere he goes; once there was one flower, he was told that it had been an illusion, and since then the flowers have increased to hide everything. He refuses to die till he meets a specific person. Later in the series, it's discovered Kanda could be a Second Exorcist, a man-made body possessing the brain of an exorcist who died thirty years before.

4 - Lenalee Lee

Lenalee Lee

Lenalee Lee could be an immature exorcist from China. She or he's older brother was killed by an Akuma once when she was terribly young, and she or he was forced to become an exorcist as a toddler. As a result, she was separated from her brother, Komui, her sole remaining friend. She repeatedly tried to flee and was restrained. This intersection causes her to despise Order and Innocence. Once Komui joined the Order to go along with her, she stopped making an attempt to flee. She currently fights for her brother similarly to her friends, knowing she has a home and family to come back to. Her perception of the "world" consists of her friends and family; whenever one of her friends dies, it appears to her as if a neighborhood in her world has been destroyed.

5 - Lavi


Lavi could be a cheerful 18-year-old red-haired exorcist of mixed heritage. He aims to become a bookman—someone who records the hidden history of the globe—and has been trained from a young age to achieve that goal. The forty-ninth alias he has assumed, once casting away his real name to achieve that goal. He's employed aboard the Black Order to be near the events that have to be seen, but slowly becomes more connected to his Black Order friends. His original Bookman self is consistently being clouded by his growing want to worry for them.

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6 - Millennium Earl

Millennium Earl

The Millennium Peer is the first follower and is known as "Adam." He is Noah's head. He has existed for 7000 years. He tricks people that mourn for their dead friends or relatives into resurrecting them, turning them into Akuma that he will then manage. The peer would usually have nightmares about why he didn't kill Allen during their first meeting and curse himself for not doing so. Since learning that Nea, the fourteenth follower of Noah, is among Allen's, he makes important efforts to recruit him as a Noah. Nea tried to kill her peer many years ago. Even so, the peer still needs to remain the purpose of Nea to the point of ordering Allen's seizure.

7 - Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot is the ninth follower and is actually named Road. She represents the "Dreams" of Noah. She is the adopted daughter of Sheril Kamelot and his wife, and she or he could be a kinswoman of Tyki Mikk, despite her early adolescent appearance, she is listed as the "oldest" Noah or the "First Child." Road is explicit that she hates humans early in the series, but she becomes connected to Allen Walker. She is presented with the flexibility to travel between dimensions while not mistreating Noah's Ark and has shown some use of complete regeneration, psychic phenomena, and anomalous communication. Since Road is the "oldest" Noah, she is also the only one who can programme the Noah's Ark. 

8 - Tyki Mikk

Tyki Mikk

The third follower, who is actually named Joyd, represents the "Pleasure" of Noah. Tyki has 2 "sides" to his life. In one, he's a carefree Portuguese vagabond; in the other, he's a Noah, apparently accepted by society. He enjoys living with them each, but he fears losing his human friends. Once Allen Walker fails to commit to ejecting Noah, the Noah within him really awakens and consumes him. Tyki has the flexibility to freely "choose" what he needs to touch, permitting him to run on water or air and harmlessly touch something at a time. He may "reject" the atmosphere, creating a vacuum. Teez, man-eating golems (in the form of butterflies), given as a present by the peer, are forced into any body which might corrode them.

9 - Nea D. Campbell

Nea D. Campbell

Nea D. Campbell, also known as "The 14th," was a member of the Noah family and Mana Walker's younger brother. He was the sole member, aside from the ninth follower, and also the peer who was able to manage Noah's Ark. In the story's timeline, he gave this power away to a person and ran, revealing the peer and also the kindred of Noah. He tried to kill the peer to become the new peer himself, but was killed reciprocally by the peer. Later, it was discovered that the fourteenth had chosen Allen Walker as his next host. A while before his death, he told Cross Marian that if Mana was taken care of, he would come back to him someday. He seems in brief in Allen's mind to call himself "Nea," the one who can destroy everything. Soon after, Nea totally possesses Allen for transient moments and wonders concerning this scenario, confused by the fact that Allen doesn't bear in mind him as an ally while his alternative ally, Cross Marian, is missing in action. Though Nea considers Mana his enemy, he tells Black Order member Howard Link that he can destroy humanity.

10 - Apocryphos


The Apocrypha is an autonomous, sentient innocence that possesses a robot type and is a third party in the war between the Black Order and Noah. For seven thousand years, Noah has kept an eye on the Apocryphos because it is known to stay close to the guts, Noah's guardian. Alternative innocence will be assimilated, and the innocence will be used to locate exorcists. It also seems to have paranormal abilities, which it can use to knock individuals out and wipe their memories. Its abilities frequently feature a feathered life motif. The Apocrypha later tries to absorb Allen Walker after possessing the deceased Cross Marian with the General's own anti-Akuma weapon.

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