Dark Color Flowers That Are Nearly Black

Black will have an ominous tone, but black flowers can even symbolize farewell, rejuvenation, or rebirth. Plant these exotic plants to brighten up your garden. The almost jet-blossoms will look beautiful against alternative brightly-colored flowers. Pitch-dark flowers can even add a hanging look to chopped flower arrangements. There are the same dark-colored flowers that are nearly black.

1 - Columbine ‘Black Barlow’

Columbine ‘Black Barlow’

This spectacular flower has been specifically bred for cut flower production and is an exquisite addition to cut flower gardens. ‘Black Barlow’ is the initial vascular plant of the Barlow series that has double, spurless flowers. These double blooms are deep plum, nearly black, and give pom-poms with their spiky petals. These hanging black blooms sit on long stems, making them stand out from the fuzzy, gray-green foliage.

2 - Black Delight 'Viola

Black Delight 'Viola

For a real black bloomer, it’s hard to beat the 'Black Delight' viola. These inky-black blooms are a good selection for cool-season plantings in beds or pots and will flower all winter long in delicate regions.

3 - Queen of Night Tulip

Queen of Night Tulip

Beautiful and dramatic, its flowers seem deep maroon in spring. This selection will be mixed with white or pink tulips or alternative bright-colored flowers to make an astonishing sight. Tulips (genus Tulipa) within the Liliaceae family are the classic spring flowers. Tulips, once thought of in concert as one of the prettiest flowers in the world, have come back to symbolize love, forgiveness, and cheerful thoughts. The most widely recognized black liliaceous plant flower is the ‘Queen of the Night’ vascular plant.

4 - Black Cat 'Petunia’ – Black Petunia Flower

Black Petunia Flower

There are some flower styles that have deep purple or black petals. In the family Solanaceae, petunias turn out a bushy mass of lovely flowers that last from early spring till fall. Petunias are available in nearly every shade of color, from purple to cerise, yellow, and lilac.

5 - Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are the most ancient and ideal flowering plants you'll have in your garden. This is most likely one of the few plants that will thrive in wet, or soggy, potting compost. Sometimes taken care of as a houseplant, this will even be placed outdoors, particularly throughout the summer because it flowers best once exposed to full sun. While most people think about Calla lilies as white flowers, this species also comes in deep-purple blooms that generally seem to be black.

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Black Bat Flower

The Black Bat Flower is so named as a result of its resemblance to a bat on the wing. This can be a rare orchidaceous plant from the Dioscoreae family that's deep purple to black in color. Its long, hanging, powdery filaments add to its spooky drama. This plant may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but nobody will deny its discouraging magnificence.

7 - Hellebore 'Dark and Handsome'

Hellebore Flowers

The black blossoms of the 'Dark and Handsome' hellebores appear in early to mid-spring, before much else blooms. Conjointly referred to as hellebore (it blooms around the time of Lent), this perennial is sometimes unnoticed by deer thanks to the thick, leather-like leaves. It provides it a spot in part or full shade.

8 - ‘Black Widow’ Cranesbill Geranium

Black Widow

Also referred to as the Mourning Widow (Geranium phaeum), this dark purple-black dainty flower may be a member of the family Geraniaceae. Papery dark violet-colored petals grow at the top of skinny furry stems. The weird feature of those "black" flowers is that their backward-turning wrinkled petals reveal jutting stamens.

9 - Dahlia


Dahlias have a unique magnificence that makes them a favorite of gardeners and flower enthusiasts around the world. It will create a spectacular addition to an outdoor garden, sure floral arrangements, and may be a staple flower in an exceedingly Gothic garden motif. Some black dahlias demand a lot more water than others. It’s therefore imperative that you simply have the precise type of soil to expect a healthy plant.

10 - Blacknight (Hollyhock)

Hollyhock Flowers

Blacknight may be a sturdy perennial, a previous garden favorite. It's commonly referred to as the Hollyhock, and it produces tall spikes lined with dark purple to black single blooms. The flowers age to four inches wide, and they bloom from an all-time low of one spike upwards. The throat is bright yellow in color. This contrastive beauty attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and plenty of pollinators.

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