Characters: Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun (Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun)

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is a Japanese comedy manga series by AidaIro. Kamome Academy is legendary for its rumors concerning its Seven Wonders and supernatural occurrences. Nene Yashiro, a freshman high-school student who loves the occult and desires a lover, summons the seventh and most illustrious marvel, "Hanako-san of the Toilet," the spirit of a lady who allegedly haunts the lavatory and may grant desires for the proper worth. Upon invocation, Nene discovers that "Hanako-san" is nothing just like the rumors say; Hanako-san may be a boy. She becomes spiritually absolute to Hanako and becomes his assistant, assisting him to destroy evil supernaturals and change rumors in order to maintain the balance between the imaginary world and the human world. In this manner, Nene learns about her affiliation with the imaginary place and the dark secrets concerning Hanako and his past.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun

Main Characters

1 - Nene Yashiro

Nene Yashiro

Nene Yashiro may be a freshman high school student at Kamome Academy. She summons Hanako and wishes for her crush, Teru Minamoto, to come to feel her feelings. A flip of events occurs, and Yashiro swallows a mermaid's scale, inflicting her with the Mermaid's Curse and turning her into a fish. To grant her the new wish of turning into a human once more, Hanako swallows a scale from an identical imaginary creature to impose himself together with her curse and unfold its effects, allowing Yashiro to stay human unless she is immersed in water. He has Yashiro become his human assistant as payment for ensuring their souls through the curse. Yashiro collaborates with Hanako to create and spread new rumors of supernatural activity within the faculty in order to keep them under control. She is capable of destroying a faculty member's yorishiro, their supply of power; upon doing so, she falls asleep and views the memory related to the yorishiro. Her relief is Aoi Akane, who likes to tell her new rumors. Despite repeatedly claiming Hanako isn't her kind and Hanako's relentless teasing, she cares vastly for Hanako and, when learning of his past, desires to be able to defend him. She is intuitive and sensitive to changes in his temperament and is deeply affected whenever she learns new data regarding his past life.

2 - Hanako


The most illustrious rumor within the faculty, Hanako-Kun, is that the Seventh Mystery of Kamome Academy's Seven Mysteries is finally solved. Hanako, the strongest and thus the leader of the Seven Wonders, fights with a room knife and his two haku-joudai, spirit orbs that aid him in observation and summon a cloak that grants immunity to supernatural lightning. His duty is to watch all of the supernatural within the faculty and maintain the balance between humans and supernatural's. Hanako, despite being immature and mischievous, puts up a front to hide his true emotions and is very serious on a lower level. He takes his duties seriously, having been assured by God that he would be cleared of his past sins if he consummated his duties. He's close-mouthed regarding his past life. Previously, his name was Amane Yugi, and he additionally attended Kamome Academy. A sophomore lyceum student in 1969, he usually came to high school with bruises and cuts, having been repeatedly abused by somebody he refused to reveal the identity of. He harbored a deep passion for uranology and had dreams of turning into an astronomer and going to the moon. Hanako was destined to be a teacher until fate intervened for unknown reasons. He killed his younger twin brother, and died young. Hanako is the sole notable person to ever have altered his fate. By inflicting himself with the Mermaid's Curse, he ensured his and Yashiro's souls along. Even though he usually teases her, Hanako deeply treasures Yashiro and can go to extreme lengths to assist her once she is in need.

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Kou Minamoto

Kou Minamoto may be a junior at Kamome Academy's lyceum division and therefore the second eldest son of the Minamoto social group, a family of robust exorcists that believe all supernatural beings are inherently evil. He uses a spear referred to as the Raiteijou, a weapon passed down within the Minamoto family that transforms the wielder's religious power into lightning that exercises supernatural beings. Tasked by his older brother, Teru, to boot out all the Seven Wonders, Kou tries to boot out Hanako, but doesn't possess enough religious power to try to do so. Not letting go, he tags Hanako Yashiro around the faculty for a minute and comes to the conclusion that Hanako failed to appear to be an "evil" supernatural. As a result, Kou vows to find out a lot regarding him and different supernatural beings before blindly exercising them, much to the discontentment of his brother.

4 - Tsukasa Yugi

Tsukasa Yugi

Hanako's younger twin brother While they were still alive, the twins were purportedly terribly silent until they were killed by Hanako. He's cheerful and irresistibly immature; however, his temperament switches quickly to point out a heavy and crazed facet. He doesn't consider his actions and acts on whims, deciding to kill things simply because he feels it's fun. The twins have opposing beliefs; whereas Hanako stresses the importance of maintaining a peaceful balance between humans and supernatural beings, Tsukasa believes that the two ought to behave however they need, even if it means wrecking tremendous disturbance. Whereas Hanako grants desires to the living, Tsukasa grants desires to the dead. He wears a black short-sleeved robe with a gray hakama and a white button-up beneath. He is opposite Hanako and uses black haku-joudai willow wisps. He also has a black seal on his right face. Tsukasa works along with his assistant, Sakura, to alter the rumors of supernatural activities within the faculty for his own functions.

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