Attack on Titan: The AOT Titans' Most Powerful Characters

Attack on Titan is arguably one of the best anime of the last decade, crammed with sudden plot twists, action, and journey, whether or not it's deep quotes or having the ability to resonate with the characters. The anime may be a masterpiece supported by the manga written by Hajime Isayama. The series is set in an exceedingly fictional world where humanity is believed to be restricted to low islands encircled by big walls. Outside of those walls reside the man-eating titans who perpetually try and break open the wall to possess an individual's meat party. To combat them, we are introduced to a number of characters who are patriotic and intelligent. These are the strongest characters in the Attack on Titan series.

1 - Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz

The creator of the Titans, and therefore the initial Titan, Ymir Fritz, is the strongest character to ever exist in the series. When she was alive, she had the facilities of all the 9 titans. She had the facility to start Titan even after her death. Ymir may kill or do something to anyone who has the blood of Ymir running through their veins. She was adored as the God of the Attack on Titan series, which is why she is our prime choice for the strongest character in the Attack on Titan series.

2 - Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

The strongest character in Attack On Titan may be a former member of the Survey Corps who graded fifth throughout graduation. He's the sole one who has overcome Ymir’s power by heritable War Hammer Titan’s power is also known as Star Titan’s power. At first, he started as a heroic lead, but bit by bit became the anti-hero in the series, committing violent crimes and killing dozens for the sake of Eldia. He's additionally the brother of Zeke, and as an individual, his main attribute was the need to find out and adapt to things later on; this has additionally helped him become physically robust and important in combat skills. Eren then unleashed all the wall titans and created a body that was larger than Ymir’s and the large Titan’s body. He then used the start of Titan’s paranormal power and communicated to all or any of the themes of Ymir to destroy the planet outside Paradis Island.

3 - Levi


Humanity's strongest soldier is the Apostle. Once Kenny abandoned him, the Apostle became a criminal himself and joined the Survey Corps to kill Erwin. However, once titans took his friends' lives, he became loyal to the commander and a concept to his troopers. He became the captain of his own squad and created tones of the Survey Corps' selections once Erwin was unable to. He overcame several injuries and losses, but he decided to stop Eren from destroying humanity, even though he was safe when the two first met.

4 - Lara Tybur (War Hammer Titan)

Lara Tybur

The War Hammer titan was much more unvanquishable if it wasn’t for Eren’s fast thinking of sorting out wherever the important user, Lara Tybur, was concealed. The actual fact that thunder spears don’t do abundant harm once more than her and destroying its scruff doesn’t kill her since she will regenerate from the bottom again. It virtually makes it impossible for many of the characters in the series to defeat her.

5 - Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager

Zeke is like Captain Erwin with reference to his leadership skills and strategic superiority. However, his titan talents place him on another level. He's ready to manage alternative titans, which seems to be one of the strongest talents you'll be able to probably possess. To boot, though an ostensibly odd ability, Zeke is in a position to throw projectiles at maximum possible speeds. That makes him primarily a walking missile launcher, as well.

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Mikasa Ackerman

Being Ackerman, Mikasa has access to close to herculean levels of strength once they’re required. This has been incontestable time and time again, most notably once Mikasa woke up as a toddler. Throughout this use, she skit a picket floorboard with however powerful her kickoff from it was as she lunged at an abductor. Mikasa is without question one of the strongest Attack on Titan characters.

7 - Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun

Reiner, a military-trained professional, inherits the armoured Titan from its previous user at the tender age of ten. Shiganshina was the one who skint the outer gate of Wall Maria, which led to the demolition of Shiganshina and the dying of Eren’s mamma. He has been overwhelmed by tones of characters, as well as being destroyed by Eren’s Attack Titan a handful of times. However, his possession was robust enough that he was continually ready to fight back at the finish.

8 - Armin Arlet

Armin Arlet

The new large titan, which should have been mentioned enough, in the battle of Liberio, all he did was rework and do in a complete fleet of ships and a close-by town. Should he have stayed in Titan form, the battle would have been too straightforward. Armin's mind has additionally helped the scouts out of many things within the past. It absolutely was his own arrangement that Eren used to take down the previous large titan, and the battle of Liberio followed many of his ways also.

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