Ao Haru Ride, A Romance Manga

Ao Haru Ride is a romance manga series written and illustrated by Io Sakisaka. The story starts when Futaba Yoshioka has to "reset" her lifestyle. In junior high, Futaba was ostracized by girls as a result of the fact that too many junior high boys liked her and tried to approach her. Futaba's lad, Kou Tanaka, the one lad Futaba liked, was kidnapped before she could tell him how she felt for him. Futaba is currently in middle school and is set to participate with the remainder of the ladies. Her new friends won't become desirous of her because she behaves like a child. While living her new life contentedly, she and Kou meet once more, but he changes his name to Kou Mabuchi and has a cool approach.

Characters of the Ao Haru Ride

1 - Futaba Yoshioka

Futaba Yoshioka

Futaba was an outcast in middle school as a result of the ladies' being jealous of her beauty and good looks, and most of the boys liked her. She is determined to make friends in high school, so she forces herself to be unattractive as a potential means of her classmates' approval. Once reuniting with Kou, she decides to be faithful herself. Eventually, Futaba falls in love with Kou once more and perpetually worries about whether or not she is clinging to her past.

2 - Kou Tanaka

Kou Tanaka

Kou attended a similar middle school as Futaba, but Kou changed after the death of his mother and other difficulties he faced; he changed his name to Kou Mabuchi and became more harsh, caustic, and rude. Once again reappearing at Futaba's high school, he becomes a lot more demoralized after his mother's death and later distances himself from Futaba to require the care of Narumi, a childhood friend who manipulated him through mutual trauma. As Kou becomes a lot more honest with others as well as himself, he finally realizes that he deserves to be happy, does not have to be compelled to hide his feelings any longer, and decides to finally pursue Futaba. He and Futaba afterward reconciled and began qualitative analysis. In the last chapter, he modified his last name back to Tanaka.

3 - Yuri Makita

Yuri Makita

Yuri, Futaba's schoolmate, is ostracized by the ladies in school, feeling vulnerable by her quality with the boys. However, in contrast to Futaba, Yuri does not hide who she actually is, and so the two eventually become best friends. Yuri falls for Kou once he helps her throughout a category leader's camp, but she greatly treasures her relationship with Futaba, causing her to be conflicted. Once Kou rejects her, she later begins qualitative analysis of Uchiyama, one of Toma's friends.

4 - Shuko Murao

Shuko Murao

Shuko is an unfriendly lady who prefers not to have friends. She is additionally soft on men. Tanaka joins the category committee as a result of him, but over time, she befriends Futaba and Yuri as well. As they near the top of the series, she accepts Kominato's feelings and suggests that they begin qualitative analysis.

5 - Aya Kominato

Aya Kominato

Kominato is an outgoing boy who befriends Kou. He's been in love with Shuko since their first year at school, and he dislikes men.

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6 - Yichi Tanaka

Yichi Tanaka

Mr. Tanaka is Kou's older brother by eight years and a teacher. Unlike Kou, he behaves childishly. His last name is totally different from Kou's because of their parents' divorce, and he tries to win over Kou, much to the latter's reluctance. Mr. Tanaka is responsive to Shuko's feelings for him; however, he perpetually rejects her advances thanks to his position as her teacher.

7 - Toma Kikuchi

Toma Kikuchi

At the start, Toma, a boy in Futaba's class, embodies a dangerous impression from her accidentally hesitant him. However, he eventually softens up to her. He falls for Futaba's temperament and perpetually provides her recommendation.

8 - Yui Narumi

Yui Narumi

Yui Narumi is Kou's classmate from junior high in Nagasaki. 
When we consider how pleasant and understanding Narumi was to Kou Tanaka in middle school, you can see that she is a very kind person. To win Kou's sympathies and keep him by her side, Narumi portrays herself as being very helpless around him. Since Kou is all she has, she acts selfish in an effort to keep him to herself.

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