Most Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden

There's nothing like catching the scent of flowers drifting through the window on a summer breeze. Here are the same number of fragrant flowers, each an annual and perennial, to incorporate in your garden.

1 - Roses


This list of the best-smelling flowers must begin with roses! There are a dizzying variety of rose varieties, which suggests you'll notice the proper color, growing habit, and scent for your garden. English roses are notably prized for their aroma and disease resistance.

2 - Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is known for its delicate, perfumed white blossoms. It adds a noteworthy silhouette and an attractive fragrance to any arrangement. Plant liliaceous plants in the vale in early spring, in a spot that gets partial shade. Keep in mind that over time, this flower is thought to unfold. Be terribly careful if you've got pets, as Lily of the Valley is toxic to both dogs and cats.

3 - English Lavender

English Lavender

The clean, calming scent of lavender has been cherished for millennia in both contemporary and dried forms. It is utilized in soaps, cleaning supplies, and even medicine. English lavender is hardy to zone five and is easy to grow. You'll harvest and dry buds to feature a novel floral flavor in tea, toppings, cakes, and even lavender cookies.

4 - Magnolia


There's nothing sweeter than the smell of those massive flowers that bloom in spring and summer, depending on variety. Plant your tree in full-sun areas with well-drained, rich soil. Make sure you provide them with lots of space to grow.

5 - Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

These spring-blooming annual vines zero in on scent, with heirloom varieties like "Cupani" being the most classic. Their fragrance is powerful enough to waft down the street—which explains why they're a real treat to have in your garden.

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6 - Phlox


This is another garden favorite whose fragrance can draw you in. The purple flowers conjointly attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Herbs grow to heights of two to four feet and are excellent for positioning behind shorter perennials. In midsummer, the perfumed blooms appear. 

7 - Hyacinth


When an exciting hyacinth is in bloom, you will typically catch its scent before you see it. Note that watching for this flower to bloom needs patience; bulbs ought to be planted in the fall before the primary frost, in well-drained, fertile soil in sun or partial shade. It's well worth the wait.

8 - Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum

Clouds of flowers in white, purple, and pink are therefore pretty in garden borders and containers, and they have an exquisite, honey-like scent also. Alyssum can be grown from seedlings or from plants planted directly in the ground. It grows as an annual in colder zones and can without delay self-sow in the following years. Growing alyssum in containers could be a good way to have easy access to the sweet scented flowers.

9 - Lilac


Among the most readily recognizable spring-flowering shrubs, lilacs are laborious to miss after they are in bloom, due to their intense scent and color. Lilacs are sturdy and able to put up with virtually any growing condition except shade. They've jointly controlled symbolic meanings in several cultures for hundreds of years.

10 - Wisteria


Make an announcement by growing this vine plant on a lattice wall. Blue and purple-hued flowers emerge in the spring and late summer. The vine likes full sun but can grow partly in shade. Depending on the selection, the fragrance may be faint or irresistible.

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