Most Expensive Cigarettes That Most People Cannot Afford

Smoking might not be nice for your lungs, but there are billions of smokers in the world. That equates to slightly more than one in every seven people worldwide lighting up a cigarette on a daily basis. Worldwide, the industry sells 1.2 trillion cigarettes per annum. That’s a lot of cash. We are often curious about the amount of money some people are willing to pay for their addiction. It seems that there are some unbelievably pricey choices out there. For all you curious smokers, this list of the ten most costly brands of cigarettes in the world is for you.

1 - Treasurer (Costs $67 )


The Treasurer wins the position as the most costly roll of tobacco in the world. It's made by The Chancellor Tobacco Company. It's made of premium-quality materials. On the tip of each Treasurer cigarette, a small layer of hot foil is stamped with the company's logo. Before you even open the cardboard shoulder boxes, which are topped with foil and embossed with the company logo, they exude elegance. The packaging includes 20 cigarettes and is squarer than a typical cigarette box.

2 - Aluminum Gold Treasurer (Costs $60)

Aluminum Gold Treasurer

This beautiful, gleaming golden packet of cigarettes is among the foremost luxuries in the world. If you reside within the USA, there are only 2 places that sell these exquisite packages. You’ll have to travel to a horticulturist in Moorpark, Calif., to get your hands on them.

3 - State Express 555 (Costs $15.00)

State Express 555

State Express 555, also known as 555 and Bentoel 555, is a luxurious British brand of tobacco that was originally factory-made in the United Kingdom by the Tobacco Company. This British brand is represented as having a light, agreeable flavor and may appear "less smelly" than several cigarettes.

4 - Shepheard’s Hotel Cigarettes (Costs $15)

Shepheard’s Hotel Cigarettes

This robust, German-made roll of tobacco could be a real specialty for connoisseurs, and it comes in a handy flip-top box.

5 - Fantasia Cigarettes (Costs $14)

Fantasia Cigarettes

The composition is inspired by Nat Sherman company matriarch, Lautia Sherman. The composition provides a charcoal filter and all natural tobacco, making for a very distinctive smoking experience. The roll of tobacco options, a gold air filter, comes in an array of five colors.

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Sobranie is part of one of the oldest brands in the world. Sobranie is made by the Gallaher Group, a tobacco company primarily based in a European country that was established by Japan Tobacco, one of the leading firms in Japan. Sobranie notably serves premium cigarettes and offers a good variety of merchandise, like Sobranie Gold, Sobranie Cocktail, and Sobranie Byelorussian.

7 - Nat Sherman (Costs $10.44)

Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman created his cash by running a taproom throughout the Nineteen Twenties in NYC. Smuggling alcohol throughout this time period was an extremely profitable business. Someday, throughout that era, he ended up in possession of half of Traub Brothers and Bear, manufacturers of the Epoca cigar brand. His son speculated that it would be the result of a gambling debt. Nat’s success allowed him to eventually purchase half of the business. Therefore, the whole Nat Sherman brand begins. Today, the name of a smuggled club owner is more commonly referred to as a legitimate roll of tobacco producer.

8 - Marlboro Vintage Cigarettes (Costs $9.80)

Marlboro Vintage Cigarettes

The Marlboro Vintage roll of tobacco could be a classic roll that has been around for over a century. The cigarettes are typically made from a blend of tobacco, which gives them a distinct flavor and scent. The brand is known for its sleek style and comfy grip.

9 - Dunhill Cigarettes (Costs $9.30)

Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill cigarettes are still fashionable and still enjoyed by many young people, even if they'll not be as popular as they once were. What’s even more exciting about Dunhill is that they are available in a variety of flavors. Whether or not you’re a replacement or regular smoker, there’s bound to be a Dunhill roll of tobacco that’s right for you.

10 - Parliament (Costs $8.30)


Another brand from Altria, Parliament is notable for being one of the few brands to use recessed paper filters. The filter on Parliament cigarettes serves the flavor of the cigarette to be absolutely experienced by smokers. Besides, as expressed on Improv, Parliament is notable for being sleek with the proper quantity of kick.

11 - Vogue Cigarette (Costs $5.60)

Vogue Cigarette

British American Tobacco also has a stake in Vogue. Vogue's primary audience consists of women. This whole thing tastes a little light; it should be tasteless for serious smokers, but Vogue has such a charming flavor that it should excite those who are all about flavors.

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