Dog Breeds With Big Ears That Look Cute

Long ears on dogs are thought to assist in funneling scents directly from the encircling atmosphere to their sensitive noses. That helps justify why they’re a common feature on scent hounds and alternative trailing breeds. Dogs with long ears even have rules to follow, sometimes concerning ear length. Long-eared dogs are well-liked around the world for a whole host of reasons. Here are well-known long-eared dog breed names and details around the world.

1 - Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are a well-liked breed of dog with long ears, and they’re additionally illustrious for their sagging eyes and loose skin. These hounds have a powerful sense of smell, making them suitable for search and rescue work. Though quite intelligent, they'll be stubborn to coach and somewhat lazy. Basset Hounds are illustrious for being calm and quiet dogs that get pleasure from the company of individuals, as long as they're treated with all respect.

2 - Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Since this ancient breed is thought to have existed before books were written about them, their origins are difficult to determine. What we do know is that they'll be derived from various regions of Afghanistan, where their long and flowing ears are as distinct a feature of the breed as their luxurious coat.

3 - Bloodhound


The hound dog may be a long-eared dog breed that belongs to the hound family. It's one of the earliest scent-hunting dog breeds. These dogs were named once their royal and patrician standing, and wide care was created to keep up the bloodhound's purity.

4 - American English Cocker Spaniel

American English Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are simply recognized by their long ears, though the American breed tends to have somewhat longer ears. Cocker Spaniels, once prized for their ability to hunt birds, are now reportedly seen at dog shows. They're extraordinarily sensitive dogs, and therefore, despite the fact that coaching them is comparatively easy, it ought to be done with care and compassion. In fact, harsh vocal criticism will leave them feeling anxious and make the coach tougher. Their caring nature also implies that they are doing their best with families where they are rarely left alone.

5 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles gun dog has grown in quality as a lap dog and companion. Their long sagging ears are increased by their little heads, giving these spaniels a hound-like look.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Long ears are a typical attribute among hound dog breeds, as proven by the Treeing Walker hound dog. This intelligent American operating breed uses their ears and their distinctive bark to assist humans in searching.

7 - Beagle


The beagle's ears are its most easily recognizable feature. However, did you recognize the scientific name for these dropped ears, or pendant ears? It’s true! Beagles’ ears are skinny and floppy, too, since they're made from a semi-soft tissue referred to as gristle. A beagle’s ears are used for more than simply hearing. This dog breed was bred for searching, which suggests they use their sense of smell often. The dimensions of their ears come in handy as a result; they'll even be wont to entice scents from around the animal’s nose. This ensures that they're able to catch their prey easily since the possibilities of losing the scent are diminished.

8 - Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano excels at something they put their mind to. They've got a close-lying thin coat, a solid body, and webbed paws. They're equally good at searching, swimming, and taking part in However, within the home, they’re outstanding and fond companions. When they need the capability for physical activity, they like to maneuver at slower paces, usually trotting rather than sprinting. This perspective is further mirrored in their relaxed nature. They don’t mind being shot up with all manner of commotion or maybe being around kids.

9 - 

Papillon Dog

Papillons are thought of as a toy breed and are extraordinarily high-energy animals. The word "papillon" is French for "butterfly". The animal’s pointy, winged ears are liable for this name. The general public associates Papillons with erect ears, but not all members of the breed have cheerful ears. Some have Phalene-like ears that droop. Due to their tendency to be needy, they're simply trainable. Their high energy and speed levels make them excellent contenders for competitions. House owners don’t want to contend that they will still figure out a way to teach this small canine all varieties of tricks since they're intelligent!

10 - Weimaraner


The Weimaraner is a swish and fond sporting breed with fascinating eyes and ears that are helpful once they are on the hunt. Those velvety, outsized ears are thought to be the merchandise of some interbreeding with Bloodhounds back in the day, but recently they’ve created the attribute all their own-and their length may be a very little additional manageable. Weimaraner are athletic and energetic and may want a home that may supply them with enough exercise and stimulation to forestall negative behaviors from developing.

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