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Whether you’re wanting to decorate your current community tank or produce a novel show tank to marvel at, you’ve got plenty of choices available to you. To assist you in finding the most colorful and coolest fish for you, I’ve created this list of my favorite fish. With colorful fish and a beautiful looking tank, you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

1 - Molly


Short finned Mollies have short, rounded fins that come in various bright colors. Sailfin Mollies are named because of its tall, broad dorsal fins, which resemble a sail. Lyretail Mollies have forked caudal fins that skinny out at the guidelines, giving them a really swish look. Mollies of any kind will be available in any of the doable color variations. These fish will board teams on their own or with alternative livebearers like guppies, Platys, and swordtails. In addition to that, they'll get it in conjunction with alternative community-friendly Nano fish.

2 - Peacock Cichlid

Peacock Cichlid

This species is totally attractive and can stand out in any tank. One of the things we tend to like most concerning these fishes is the variety of various sorts there are. This provides you with the flexibility of selecting between a spread of various colors. These species come from the large Lake Republic of Malawi (the ninth-largest lake in the world), and their color can vary depending on what part of the lake they inhabit. Unlike other cichlids, the peacock is pretty simple to take care of.

3 - Discus (Symphysodon)

Discus Fish

Discus are named for their disc-shaped bodies and are available in an array of cool patterns, colors, stripes, spots, or striations. This fish has become notable for its bright, colorful patterns derived from selective breeding. When it comes to selecting a colorful  species for your storage tank, common varieties are usually pretty shades and intensities of inexperienced, although discus isn't for a beginner.

4 - German Blue Ram (Ram cichlid)

German Blue Ram

The German Blue Ram stands out for the fluorescent blue dots that cowl its otherwise yellow-orange body, as well as its distinctive spiny dorsal fin. Rams are extremely compatible with several alternative species of fish because of their social and peaceful nature. Rams will be unbroken as people, in tiny faculties, or simply with a combine, as these tend to decide on only one mate. Because of their temperament, they're much lower maintenance fish, and they easily require a new tank (preferably with soft water) with "caves" or other concealing spots, particularly in the case of a breeding pair that needs a location to lay eggs.

5 - Fancy Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Fancy Guppy

The tail fin dwarfs the rest of the body, spreading call at a chic fan-another type of fancy. They are available in every color under the sun, usually marked in putting patterns. If you don’t need to manage baby guppies, keep on with simple males within the cluster (they’re brighter in color, anyway). If you want a fish with a temperament, guppies work nicely. They swim toward anyone approaching the tank. True, they’re searching for handouts (they’re noted for their voracious appetites), but it’s nice to feel appreciated, right?

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6 - Killifish Blue Gularis

Killifish Blue Gularis

If you're searching for a multi-colored tropical fish for your aquarium, the Blue Gularis cyprinodont is one of the simplest selections. The Blue Gularis cyprinodont belongs to the Fundulopanchax genus of egg-laying cyprinodonts. Have in mind that although they will live among alternative tank companions, these colorful fish feel best once they have their own planted tank.

7 - Flowerhorn Cichlid

Flowerhorn Cichlid Fish

Hobbyists crossbred various American cichlid fish species to form the Flowerhorn cichlid. This breed is semi-aggressive and is notable for its weird-shaped head and dark petal-shaped markings. There are several color variations to decide on from, although the general consensus amongst hobbyists is that you just can’t fail with red. But, this could be the one that will break the bank. Additional colorful and distinctive varieties can be priced over their "plain" counterparts.

8 - Koi

Colorful Koi Fish

The Koi is the most well-liked fish for ponds. This decorative version of the common carp includes a history that goes back many years. In the wild, the common carp could be a solid tan or bronze color. but you'll be able to see Koi in over fifty completely different colors and patterns. Koi aren't simply stunning; they're friendly and intelligent too. They will learn to acknowledge their keepers and may even be trained to study a feeding schedule or eat from your hands.

9 - Paradise Fish

Paradise Fish

It wouldn’t be right for a species with the name "Paradise" to be something else, however colorful! While not in question, this can be one of the most common fish on our list thanks to its beauty. The most common variation has sturdy and vivacious elements that play into one another nicely with vertical stripes. There’s also a blue and orange striped kind that’s easy to get your hands on, likewise. However, what makes this species one of the prettiest fish out there is the jazz group of their color and fins. The Paradise have long, flowing fins that trail behind them once they move. They give the impression of being like bright ribbons on the move through the storage tank.

10 - Red Terror Cichlid

Red Terror Cichlid

This species grows very large and is territorial. Once you get the expertise, however, do give the Red Terror Cichlids an attempt, as it’s terribly diverting to observe them color up once guarding their spawn. The colors of the males become extremely intense once they start "patrolling".

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