Trivikramasana (Utthita Trivikramasana)

Trivikramasana means "3 step pose". This is often a sophisticated reclining posture. It poses an intense stretch of hamstring muscles and makes them versatile and robust.


Beginner’s Tip

To start this yoga, the yogi faces the sky by lifting one leg overhead and grasping the foot with each of their hands. At that moment, Yogi directs the straight leg into a split aboard the pinnacle.

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Take a firm stance, making sure that the entire body is straight. Slowly raise the right leg upward, so raising the correct hand places them on the feet. Interlock the fingers and stretch the arms so as to hold the right heel firmly.
2 - Make sure that the right calf is close to the right ear, so slowly widen the elbows. whereas doing so guarantees to keep the body straight and balanced.
3 - Hold this position for eight to ten seconds while breathing normally.
4 - Return to the normal position by slowly unharnessing the right heel and leg.
5 - Repeat the method as an alternative on the opposite facet with a similar procedure.

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The Advantages of the Trivikramasana 

1 - It stretches your spine, legs, knees, shoulders, lungs, waist, ankles, chest, and groin region.
2 - It will increase your stamina level and stimulate your abdominal organs.
3 - It offers therapeutic relief from sterility, constipation, catamenial discomfort, sciatica, pathology, and lower backaches.
4 - Improving digestion and encouraging better abdominal organ function
5 - Improves the flexibility of the spine.

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