The Staff Pose (Dandasana)

In Sanskrit, danda means staff. In alternative words, employees' cause clearly refers to the spine placed in sort of a Staff Pose or a Rod. The spine supports the whole body, sort of a robust employee that is straight and powerful. Usually, this pose may be a sitting pose that may be easy for the leg muscles and also the hips when doing intense practice sessions of alternative yoga poses.

Staff Pose

Beginner’s Tips

Lay props or a blanket across the back of your thighs at the hip crease to ground your thighs. To activate your legs during this contraction, flex your ankles, pressing out through your heels.

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Sit on your yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front of you and place your hands next to your lips on the ground.
2 - Flex your feet and extend them out through the heels. Interact with your thighs and actively press your sitting bones down.
3 - Pull your lower belly button in and up.
4 - Slide your shoulder blades back and down on your spine. Bring the rock bottom of your shoulder blades towards one another, letting the collar bones unfold.
5 - Pull your chin back and down, keeping the bottom of your neck soft.
6 - Hold this pose for 5 to 15 breaths. Keep using your abdominal muscles to keep up this creation.

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The Advantages of the Staff Position

1 - Strengthens the quads in the body.
2 - Improves your body's core stability.
3 - Work on strengthening your back muscles.
4 - Prepare your body for a variety of sitting poses.
5 - Teaches you to sit down properly and keeps you grounded.

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