Reclined Fixed-Firm Pose (Supta Virasana)

Supta Virasana may be a passive acrobatic stunt and a beautiful one among all the yoga poses. The intensity of this posture makes it an associated intermediate-level pose. This posture reclines an advanced variation of the base yoga pose Virasana, referred to as Saddle pose or Fixed-Firm pose. The name Supta Virasana comes from the Indo-Aryan language. Here, Supta means Lying Down or Reclined, Vira means Hero, and asana means Posture.

Reclined Fixed-Firm Pose

Beginner’s Tip

It is common with beginners for the knees to splay open within the pose, which compresses the low back. To avoid this, there are two modifications you'll try. To maintain your thighs parallel to one another, wrap a yoga strap across them. For help, hold a two-to three-inch thick book between your thighs.

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Place your hands on the ground on either side of your thighs. Walk your hands back toward your butt as you lean your body back.
2 - At your elbows, bend to return down onto your forearms. If you're sitting on a tall support, sort of a yoga block, this is often the way you must go. If you're sitting on a rolled-up blanket, have blankets of identical height in situ to support your spine as you come back down.
3 - If you're feeling comfy on your forearms, you'll strive to continue to unleash your back toward (and eventually reach) the ground.
4 - If you're feeling pain in your knees or low back, it should be a sign that you've gone too far for your body. come to your forearms rather than lowering your body part to the bottom.
5 - Ensure that your knees are approximately not allowed to separate.
6 - Maintain a supine position for 5 to 10 breaths.
7 - To come out, raise yourself onto your forearms. Then push into your hands to bring yourself to a sitting position.

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