Reclined Big Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana)

The Sanskrit name is Supta Padangusthasana, where supta means supine or reclined, pada means foot, angustha means big toe, and asana means posture. This straightforward pose is done while lying down on the rear conveyance with one leg raised at ninety degrees, whereas the opposite leg remains stretched on the ground. The raised leg is commanded at the large toes by the hand in constant aspect, and the hand ought to be perpendicular to the ground during this observation, hence the name "reclined big toe pose."

Reclined Big Toe Pose

Beginner’s Tip

You can keep your left leg bent with your foot flat on the ground while extending the right leg with the assistance of a strap. Then, once conveyed, the bent leg bent the aspect, letting the opposite leg fall bent the opposite aspect still to balance the hips. Use a pillow beneath your head if it’s softer for you. Once the leg is bent at the hip, you'll be able to rest the thigh on a block or cushion to permit additional release in the inner thigh.

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Begin by lying on your back with your legs extended straight down on the mat. Exhale to bend your right knee into your chest and interlace your fingers around either the rear of your right thigh, the rear of your right calf, or espouse the large toe of your right foot with the pointer and finger of your right. The choice you select to satisfy this requirement is obsessed with the amount of tightness you are feeling in your leg. If holding on to the proper leg is simply too much, loop a strap around the ball of your right foot and hold on to the ends of the strap with both hands.
2 - Begin to raise your right leg as straight as you can on the inhale, guiding your right heel up toward the ceiling. Notice that the buttocks and hips have a bend to raise, and instead lengthen your tailbone down into your mat to take care of the natural curve of your low back-this could deepen the stretch in your hamstrings!
3 - Extend your left foot actively through the heel, and press your left leg firmly down into the bottom. If the stretch feels too intense, the choice here is to bend your left knee and place the sole of your left foot down on the mat. This will permit your shoulder blades to melt down into your mat and broaden across the collarbones.
4 - Hold the pose for anywhere from five to twenty full, deep breaths. On exhalation, gently bend your right knee into your chest, allowing your right leg to fall to the ground. Whenever you are feeling prepared, repeat the pose on the opposite side.

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