Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana)

In Sanskrit, sasaka means rabbit and asana means posture. Thus the name Sasangasana, or in different words, Rabbit Pose. The body resembles the spherical spine of the rabbit and derives its name from there. A prone pose, whereas sitting on the knees, is a forward bend, flexing the neck and therefore the hips to the utmost. Sasangasana helps boost energy within your body, and this will be reflected in your flow.

Rabbit Pose

Beginner’s Tips

You shouldn’t be feeling an excessive amount of pressure on your head here. If you are, try grabbing lower down on your feet. Also, draw your shoulders away from your ears and make the correct changes so that the crown of the pinnacle is on the ground, not the rear of the pinnacle. We have a tendency to not need you to injure your neck.

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Begin with Virasana.
2 - Keep your hands on your heels and your thumbs out.
3 - Tuck your chin into your chest and slowly curl down, bringing your forehead to your knees.
4 - Place your head high on your yoga mat. Now you must breathe normally.
5 - Keep your heels firmly planted.
6 - Inhale deeply and raise your hips to the ceiling.
7 - Roll onto your head’s crown, suck your abdomen into an Afghan monetary unit on your heels.
8 - Slowly press your forehead as close to your knees as possible. Again, you must breathe normally.
9 - Abdomen in, hips up, heels along, shoulders far away from your ears.
10 - Inhale and you can only copy one bone at a time.

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The Advantages of the Rabbit Pose

1 - Gently strengthen and stretch the abdomen. the arm, shoulder, and back.
2 - Stimulates the endocrine and immune systems. Regular practice will cure the sleep disorder and the polygenic disease.
3 - It relieves the strain on the shoulders, back, and neck. It helps to elongate the spine.
4 - Helps to shorten periods of time and calm the mind. This increases the quality and physical property of the spine and back muscles.
5 - It helps to feed the system with contemporary elements and blood. It helps to cure chronic redness, colds, and sinus issues.
6 - It stimulates the digestive organs. It will therefore increase the digestion system. This will increase the pliability.
7 - Helps to manage the blood circulation within the entire body.

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