Indian Dog Breeds Known For Their Flexibility And Resilience

Indian dog breeds are the most adaptable and resilient dog breeds in the world. They'll face up to harsh weather conditions and survive under nearly the toughest conditions imaginable. However, only a few folks truly understand these Indian dog breeds and rarely have them as their pets. It’s time that we take a glance at these dog breeds that originated in the Republic of India and are merely adorable.

1 - Bakharwal


The Bakharwal dog is one of all the traditional working Indian dog breeds found throughout India's Pir Panjal region. The Bakarwal have been raising it for several centuries as a placental mammal guardian dog and village shielder. The Bakharwal dog has been known to capture militants by the police across the country. Bakarwal could be a medium-to-large, strong, serious bone dog. It's an athletic and vigorous breed, a typical mountain dog with a downlike coat and a plumy tail that gives it an impressive look. It's like the Tibetan Mastiff's medium version.

2 - Pariah Dog

Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dogs are one of the oldest living species in the world, found throughout the Indian landmass. The pye-dog breed is an extremely social dog, an extremely alert watchdog, and very smart.

3 - Mahratta Greyhound

Mahratta Greyhound

Even in their own nation, Mahratta Greyhounds are one of the rarest species of Indian dogs. In fact, it’s rare to find these dogs outside their native province or geographic region (western India), where most of them reside these days. Like most sighthounds, the Mahrattas are sturdy, with a muscular frame and a lean chest. Though the coat is brief, it’s enough to shield the dog against the rough components of the Indian piece of ground. The legs are skinny, but astonishingly powerful, giving them the speed and lightness they need to chase down game. Not to mention, they were fantastic hunters.

4 - Chippiparai


The Chippiparai could be a sighthound breed of dog originating in the south of India. bred principally by royal families in Chippiparai, close to the Madurai district of the state. These dogs work as nice-looking watch dogs.

5 - Rampur Hounds

Rampur Hounds

One of the oldest and rarest dog breeds in India, this breed gets its name from the place of its origin, Rampur, which lies in North India between Old Delhi and Bareilly. The Rampur Hound was created by Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur, the Nowab of the Rampur, by combining the bloodlines of the Tazi of Afghanistan with the English Greyhound of the United Kingdom and calling it the Rampur Hound. This breed is known for its unmatched loyalty towards its family. Rampur Hounds have a 270-degree field of vision because of the distinctive placement of their eyes.

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6 - Kombai


The Kombai is one of all the Indian dog breeds believed to have evolved within the hills of South India's western ghats. This dog is known for its 
loyalty and toughness. This breed has nearly been pushed to the brink of extinction, but currently, dog lovers have revived them across state lines and have played a key role in popularizing the breed in different Indian states. It's thought of as a native race that's extraordinarily loyal, intelligent, and powerful. For its balanced square form, sharp motions, gait, trot, facial structure, and tail catch, the dog is classified as a hunting dog breed. Kombai is thought of as a ferociously protected and assured animal, simply trained and deeply loyal to its human companion. Kombai could be very smart, and efforts are being made to coach these dogs to figure out how to shield and monitor.

7 - Mudhol/Caravan Hound

Mudhol / Caravan Hound

The Mudhol Hound, recognized as a "Caravan Hound" by the Kennel Club of the Republic of India, is found in and around the city of Mudhol in Karnataka. Villagers around the Deccan tableland region recognize this breed as the Karwani, and adopt them for their good looks and guarding functions.

8 - Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz familiar dog has no ancient history and originated within the nineteenth century during British rule. An Indian Spitz could be a tiny dog breed that looks like a spitz dog. If you're somebody who lives in a tiny area, they need negligible care and are a clean breed. The Indian Spitz is friendly and gets along well with different animals and children. It's easy to coach the breed, and they learn tricks quickly. The Indian Spitz is a very active and bright dog breed.

9 - Gull Dong

Gull Dong

The Gull Dong is the result of the crossbreeding of a Gull hunting dog with a Bully Kutta. These were first crossed in colonial times, and the resulting Gull Dong is revered in India and Pakistan for its strength and pertinacity. In the British dominion area in the Republic of India, Bull Terriers were introduced to the Northwest Indian landmass, which currently comprises the trendy republics of India and Pakistan. In the British Republic of India, the bull hunting dog breed exploded in quality, with the Bull Hunting Dog Club of the Republic of India being based in the metropolis. The Gull Terrier was mixed with native breeds to make the Gull Terrier.

10 - Gaddi Kutta

Gaddi Kutta

The Gaddi Kutta could be a mountain dog originating from the northern region of the Republic of India. They’re found in states bordering the mountain range region, like Himachal and Madhya Pradesh. As such, the Gaddi Kutta could be a mastiff-type that resembles the Tibetan mastiff. What makes them special is their range of skills used for varied jobs. They’re not all about guarding and protecting. Believe it or not, the Gaddi Kuttas hunt game, herd sheep (and goats), and guard placental mammals from a number of the most fierce and dangerous predators, like snow leopards. They’re basically the multi-purpose working dogs for the tribes of India.

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