Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Do you spend too much money and your precious time on makeup and beauty treatments? Here are some DIYs, tricks, and hacks that can help to make your experience with cosmetics much easier. I've been trying and doing all these beauty tricks and hacks for several months, and they've helped me many times. Read on to learn more in detail about them.

1 - Heat your eyelash curler for an instant result.

Eyelash Curler

Heated eyelash curlers are much more expensive than the non-heated ones and are more difficult to use when you're out of time. The hack that keeps your normal eyelash curlers producing the same results as heated eyelash curlers is to keep your eyelash curlers in front of a blow dryer and let them get warm. Now use the curler on your lashes and, after that, use your mascara. You will notice the immediate result.

2 - To make your lipstick non-transferable and long-lasting

Smiley Face

How can anyone not adore matte lipsticks? This is a great hack that works really well and looks amazing. Use your favorite lipstick and blot it with a tissue. Then apply another thin, even layer and lay a piece of tissue paper on your lips. Sprinkle some translucent loose powder through the tissue; it sets the pigments!

3 - Volumize your eyelashes.


For volume in your eyelashes, first apply a single coat of mascara. Before drying up, sprinkle some baby powder on your lashes with the powder brush and wait for a few seconds, then apply a second coat of mascara. 

4 - How to make hair less frizzy.

Frizzy Hair

Get rid of your scratchy towels for this one; it's quite easy! Even if you pretend to handle them gently, their fibers produce way too much friction, which leads to additional split ends. If you have textured, curly, or wavy hair, dry it with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt.

5 - Before going to bed, remove your makeup.

Makeup Remover Girl

Never wear makeup when you are ready to sleep. Your skin will appear dreadful the next day as a result of your pores becoming clogged. If you don't have time for skincare, just remove your makeup before bed, use a basic moisturizer, and stay hydrated.

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6 - Turn your eyeliner pencil into a gel.

Beauty Hacks for Eyes

Because it softens the eyeliner, applying it will be simpler. Simply hold the eyeliner pencil's tip over a flame for a single second. Apply once it has cooled for around 15 seconds.

7 - Simple ways to remove glitter from nails.

Girls nails

Before applying nail polish on your nails, you should mix fevicol glue with water in a small bowl and apply it to your nail with a brush. Give them five minutes to dry. Apply your preferred glitter nail polish now. When you remove them a few days later, you'll see how quickly they come off using a nail polish remover.

8 - Shampoo with baking soda to get rid of dandruff.

Hair Wash

Mix two tablespoons of shampoo, four tablespoons of water, and one-half tablespoon of baking soda in a small cup. Apply it to damp hair after fully mixing. This helps to remove dandruff to a certain extent and cleans your scalp.

9 - Unbroken Waves.

Girl on back Side

Within a few minutes, you may create the waves. Just braid your hair till the end, then try briefly flattening it with a warm flat iron. Open the braid now to show off your seamless waves. Don't forget to use a heat spray before using the flat iron.

10 - How to highlight your eyes.

Highlight Eyes

You know how you usually brush the mascara wand upwards when applying it? Here's a quick trick to make your lashes appear fuller and your eyes appear larger: brush it both up and sideways, towards the direction of your nose!

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