Beautiful Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Kittens are born with blue eyes. However, their eye color can begin to change as they mature and also when the production of the pigment animal pigment happens. Adult cats with blue eyes are not widespread. Once it occurs, it's a result of their biological science.

1 - Siamese

Siamese Cat With Blue Eyes

Possibly the most blue-eyed beauties, these cats show wide-set ears, a wedge-shaped head, and vivid blue eyes in deep contrast to their darker fur. The Siamese incorporates a lean, swishy build with long legs and tails. While 'point' colors have expanded over time, the breed's original colors are the familiar chocolate, as well as seal, and lilac.

2 - Birman

Birman Cat

The Birman could be a cat breed with blue eyes. Their shiny blue eyes give them a sweet look that can have you bending over backwards for them. Their common characteristics are mild, tender, and frisky, making them ideal as family pets. This blue-eyed cat breed is referred to as the Sacred Cat of Myanmar. There is even a legend encompassing this blue-eyed cat breed. It is absolutely aforementioned that they got their luxurious coat and spectacularly blue eyes as a gift from an immortal because of their dedication and loyalty to the priest.

3 - Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules means "blue eyes" in Spanish. The breed was first found in an American state and has not developed a lot since it's still below development. It's a novel cat with a shade of deep blue eyes ensuing from genetic variations. It's safe to mention that they're simple to keep up since they're short-coated.

4 - Himalayan

Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan is an extreme-looking breed. With thick legs and a short, thick neck, the body is small yet hefty. Although the tail and ears are small and the boning is strong, the Himalayan cat has a round skull and big, round eyes. You can only see the color skin on the nose since the face is flat and the nose changes orientation. A Himalayan cat has a thick, full, and long coat. Although it is incredibly fine, it needs to be glossy and lustrous.

5 - Persian


With their soft and glossy coats, distinctive slushed faces, and sweet personalities, Persians are one of the most recognizable cat breeds. White Persians usually have blue eyes. Persians are renowned for being light, calm, and loving. They usually like nothing more than to be huddled up in their owner's lap for a little affection. However, you will have to be ready for a high-maintenance grooming regime because of their lush coat.

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6 - Tonkinese


Because of the Tonkinese crossbreed thanks to his Siamese and Burmese parents, they aren't simply another pretty face. This spunky sweetheart is also one of the longest-living felines and possibly the inspiration for our belief that cats have 9 lives. They prefer to move around rather than stay in one place.

7 - Javanese


The Javanese could be a blue-eyed cat breed that was developed from Siamese and Bahasa breeds. They appear elegant and delicate, but their bodies are tough and unusually muscular, allowing them to be extremely athletic and mean at jumping and ascent. Because of their high intelligence levels, Javanese cats are a breed that is conducive to being trained and learning tricks. They are conjointly acknowledged for their communication skills, so they're going to positively tell you if they are sad or if they need your undivided attention.

8 - Snowshoe


The Snowshoe could be a cross between the American Shorthair and the Siamese. They're lovely family-oriented cats, existing in various colors such as black, tan, and brown. The felines have wide blue eyes, ranging from deep to pale blue, and distinctive white paws.

9 - Ragdoll


It's difficult to find a more relaxed cat than the ragdoll, and it is easy to be sucked in by these charming cats and their antipersonnel bomb eyes. Their friendly and intelligent nature is usually compared to that of dogs. It is not uncommon for ragdolls to perform tricks for treats. Lots of company throughout the day, as well as lots of at-home enrichment, are required to keep these energetic and social cats from becoming bored.

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