Asian Dog Breeds For Your Next Pet

In Asia, numerous completely different dog breeds originated. Several studies even indicate that Asia is where dogs were originally domesticated over 30,000 years ago. The most common dog breeds are common for a reason, having spread across the continent to different components of the planet, wherever dog lovers still appreciate the traits that created them, therefore making them common.

1 - Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

Breed: Dog
Height: 30 to 38 cm
Weight: 5 to 9.1 Kg
Color: White
Life: 10 to 16 years
Behavior: Companionable, Cheerful, Bold, Playful, Intelligent, Obedient, Affectionate, , Loyal and Proud

The Japanese Spitz dog could be a small to medium-sized dog that Japanese breeders initially created in the Nineteen Twenties. Most kennel clubs acknowledge this breed, but American breeders consider it to be too much like the Pomeranian for acceptance. Its chop-chop is gaining in quality because of its friendly temperament. It’s dedicated to relations and makes an excellent watchdog. It also gets on well with youngsters and different pets.

2 - Central Asian Shepherd

Central Asian Shepherd

Breed: Dog
Height: 65 to 78 cm
Weight: 50 to 79 Kg
Color: White, Brindle, Fawn and Black
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Adaptable, Strong, Curious, Imperturbable, Bold and Independent 

The ancient Central Asian shepherd hails from the contemporary Republic of Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iran, and other Asian countries. The breed is believed to have evolved on its own (rather than being bred) for over 5,000 years. Additionally called the Central Asian alabai, alabay, or ovcharka, this large, powerful breed could be a diligent flock guardian and a peaceful, trustworthy furred out of sight who, with the assistance of early socialization and positive reinforcement coaching, will adapt to family life.

3 - Akita Inu

Akita Inu

Breed: Dog
Height: 64 to 70 cm
Weight: 32 to 39 Kg
Color: White, Brindle, Red Fawn and Sesame
Life: 10 to 12 years
Behavior: Faithful, Loyal, Stubborn, Intelligent, Courageous, Composed and Receptive

The Akita Inu is a massive and powerful breed of dog that hails from the mountainous regions of Japan. Originally bred for looks, the breed was, for a time, additionally used as a fighting dog throughout the 1600s. Today, there are 2 separate kinds of Akita; the Akita Inu, or Japanese Akita, and also the American strain, familiar merely because of the Akita, or American Akita. Except for the United States, the two strains are thought to have a breeding difference. However, in the US, they're formally thought of as a similar breed with variations in sort.

4 - Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan Sheepdog

Breed: Dog
Height: 51 to 70 cm
Weight: 23 to 41 Kg
Color: Black & Tan and Solid Black
Life: 10 to 11 years
Behavior: Loyal, Affectionate, and Protective

Mountain shepherd dogs can be found in Japan, Nepal's foothills, and Kashmir, India. This breed’s main job is to function as a guardian and guard against flocks of predators, yaks, sheep, and offensive crops. Its similarity to a Tibetan mastiff is a result of its double coat that's serious and thick. Their coat is commonly black or tan, and they have white markings on their toes. 

5 - Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

Breed: Dog
Height: 35 to 43 cm
Weight: 8 to 10 Kg
Color: Red, Red Sesame, Black & Tan, Black Sesame, Cream and Sesame
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Faithful, Charming, Keen,  Fearless, Confident and Alert 

The Shiba Inu were nearly extinct after World War II. It regained quality in 2008, once millions watched a video of Shiba Inu puppies being born. This reliable Japanese dog breed, which originated around three hundred BC, could be a selected Nihon Ken: one in every six autochthonal dogs is thought of as a national natural monument. Shiba Inu dogs follow their natural looking instincts and dash away in a flash.

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Breed: Dog
Height: 15 to 23 cm
Weight: 3 to  6 Kg
Color: Red, Red Brindle, Golden & Red, Black, Gray Cream and White
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Loving, Friendly, Alert, Intelligent, Aggression and Loyal

The Pekingese breed originated from China, and it’s a little dog that always has long hair, though they're also available with short hair. They have a short snout, so it doesn’t do a great deal of running. However, these are found to be dogs that are fun with funny behavior.

7 - Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Breed: Dog
Height: 48 to 56 cm
Weight: 25 to 32 Kg
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Cream and Fawn
Life: 9 to 15 years
Behavior: Aloof, Quiet, Independent and Loyal

The Chow Chow could be a dog that originates from the north of China. They were originally bred to be guard dogs and are accustomed to herding animals. Therefore, don’t be deceived by this furry bundle of cuteness; this canine is introverted and might be simply aggressive towards different dogs. On the contrary, they are also loyal to any owner and are intelligent, so they need a great deal of mental stimulation. A definite feature of this breed is that it's sort of a miniature lion. It's a coat that resembles a lion.

8 - Pug


Breed: Dog
Height: 30 to 36 cm
Weight: 6.3 to 8.1 Kg
Color: Black, Apricot, Silver Fawn and Fawn
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Stubborn, Affectionate, Mischievous, Charming, Playful, Docile and Clever

With their wrinkled flat faces and eyes set wide apart, pugs have a simple yet recognizable look favored by pet homeowners. Pugs have a frisky disposition and are easy-going. They get in the way of the general public, youngsters, and different pets. Pugs are small but muscular, and all pugs have a black "face mask." They’re ideal house dogs and suited to flat life additionally.

9 - Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz

Breed: Dog
Height: 35 to 45 cm
Weight: 5 to 10 Kg
Color: White, Brown and Black
Life: 12 to 15 years
Behavior: Playful, Athletic, Intelligent, Kind, Active and Vocal

The Indian domestic dog could be a little dog with a fox-like face, pointed ears, and a white coat that resembles an oversized Pomeranian. Developed as a family pet, the Republic of India's domestic dog could be a common sight in several urban areas throughout India. The breed is known for its intelligence and is definitely trained. They get pleasure from the company of their human families, but are a touch reserved and wish to possess their own area, so they will retreat once they feel the need.

10 - Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Breed: Dog
Height: 68 to 74 cm
Weight: 26 to 34 Kg
Color: Red, Black and Cream
Life: 12 to 14 years
Behavior: Happy, Aloof, Dignified, Independent and Clownish

The Afghan Hound could be a native of Afghanistan and is one of the most ancient dog breeds still alive these days. The breed has a long, thick coat to hunt in the cold climate of the mountains in its home country. Today, they're also usually found as family companions and competitors in dog sports like lightsomeness and lure hunting.

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