All Warrior Poses (Virabhadrasana Series or Vira Poses)

The Warrior Pose series has five poses, also known as Vira poses and the Virabhadrasana series. The Warrior Pose series consists of all standing poses that are usually sequenced together. A warrior pose is associated with increased physical exertion. This pose helps to strengthen your shoulders, arms, and legs. It helps to energize the whole body and promote balance. Avoid this pose if you have knee pain, diarrhea, or are a weak heart patient. 
All Warrior Pose

1 - Warrior Pose 1 (Virabhadrasana I)

1 - Warrior Pose 1 (Virabhadrasana I)

Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana I is the first pose of the warrior pose series that helps to build focus, stability, and power. This foundational pose stretches the front side of your body and is helpful for building strength in your legs, core, and back.

NOTE: Before you start this, consult your doctor or an exercise professional about this pose. Don't try to do it alone.

Tip To Do -

1 - Start with the Downward-Facing Dog Pose and step your right foot forward with your fingertips. Then move your feet slightly to your right.
2 - Fold your front knee at 90 degrees. Keep your thigh approximately parallel to the ground and move your knee stacked over your ankle.
3 - Place your left heel on the ground, angled 45 degrees to the side of your mat, and align your right heel with your left heel.
4 - Gently push your left thigh bone back so that your left knee is straight. Then inhale, lift your torso, reach up to your arms with your hands shoulder distance apart and palms facing each other. Your shoulder blade opens out and up, away from the spine and toward the outer armpits. 
5 - Pull your biceps back and your triceps into your core. You can bring your palms together and gaze up at your thumbs.
6 - Keep pressing your left back while releasing your tailbone towards the ground. Keep your lower belly back and up, away from your right thigh. Hold for five to ten breaths.

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The Advantages of the Warrior Pose 1

1 - Tone your abdominal organs and alleviate back and sciatica pain.
2 - Increased hip and shoulder flexibility
3 - Open your heart, chest, and lungs.
4 - Increased strength in legs, back and ankles.
5 - Encourages good respiration and circulation.

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