Romance Novels Of 2021 That Fill Your Heart With Love

Finding good, simple romance novels is difficult. Don't worry if you've finished most of the romantic novels and aren't sure what to read next. These fantastic romance novels captivate readers with their real characters, wonderful love, and original storylines. According to reviews on Goodreads, these are the most read and well-liked romance books of 2021.

1 - People We Meet on Vacation

People We Meet on Vacation

Written by Emily Henry
Genres: Romance novel, Lesbian literature, Contemporary romance and New adult fiction.
Poppy and Alex used to be best friends. Their college road trip from more than ten years ago drew them together. Every summer they used to celebrate their friendship by going on a trip together, but two years ago, things changed between them, and they haven't spoken since. Now, Poppy needs her friend back, and she decides to persuade Alex to go on one final journey with her in order to put things right again.

2 - One Last Stop

One Last Stop

Written by Casey McQuiston
Genres: Romance novel, Contemporary romance, New adult fiction and Lesbian literature.
The story plot is about August. She is a cynical young woman who has recently relocated to New York City and meets Jane on the Q train. August realizes Jane is trapped there by some strange magic, displaced from the 1970s, and she tries to help her when she repeatedly sees Jane in the same car on the same train all the day.

3 - It Happened One Summer

It Happened One Summer

Written by Tessa Bailey
Genres: Romance novel, Fiction, Humor and Contemporary romance.
The story starts when Piper's reckless and free lifestyle lands her in jail. Piper's stepfather decides to move her and her sister to Washington to manage their late father's dive bar. The small seaside town gradually wins Piper's heart. She starts an effort to prove to her father that she is capable of taking responsibility.

4 - For the Love of April French

For the Love of April French

Written by Penny Aimes
Genres: Romance novel, Contemporary romance, Erotic literature and Transgender fiction.
Relationships are not April French's thing, and she never demands more. She has been a longtime regular at the kink bar Frankie's and has pretty much seen all the type relationships. She's accustomed to serving as the picturesque rest stop for others travelling to happily-ever-after because she is a trans woman. 

5 - Heartbreak for Hire

Heartbreak for Hire

Written by Sonia Hartl
Genres: Romance novel and Humorous Fiction
Brinkley Saunders is hiding something. She lost everything when she dropped out of graduate school. She was once a rising star who followed in her mother's footsteps, but today, they believe she works as an administrative assistant at an insurance company.

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6 - Life's Too Short

Life's Too Short

Written by Abby Jimenez
Genres: Romance novel, Domestic Fiction, Contemporary romance, Urban fiction and Chick lit.
Since her mother passed away before she turned 30, Vanessa Prince has been determined to experience life to the fullest by travelling the world. Vanessa is disoriented and a little terrified when her half-sister leaves her in custody of her young niece—until her neighbor offers to help and demonstrates the optimism that still exists for Vanessa's future.

7 - Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Written by Talia Hibbert
Genres: Romance novel, Humor, Fiction and Contemporary romance.
Eve Brown is a disaster in every way. Despite her best efforts, her life consistently takes a terrible turn for the worse. She has thus stopped trying. However, her parents draw the line when her unique brand of chaos ruins a costly wedding. Even though Eve is unsure about how to do it, it's time for her to mature and prove herself.

8 - Seven Days in June

Seven Days in June

Written by Tia Williams
Genres: Romance novel, Contemporary romance and Fiction.
Eva and Shane, who are now authors, spent a week falling deeply in love 20 years ago and haven't spoken to each other since. They re-connect over common experiences, past suffering, and a still-undeniable connection when they run into one another at a literary event.

9 - Incense and Sensibility

Incense and Sensibility

Written by Sonali Dev
Genres:  Romance novel, Humor and  Fiction.
The eldest son of the Raje family, Yash Raje, The protagonist of the book, aptly named Yash Raj after the Bollywood love story hitmaker, is charming, good-looking, and successful when we first meet him. He is the first Indian-American to run for governor of California and is a rising political star.

10 - The Soulmate Equation

The Soulmate Equation Novel

Written by Christina Lauren
Genres: Romance novel, Domestic Fiction, Contemporary romance and Humorous Fiction.
Instead of love, Jess is a believer in numbers. However, she tries a new matchmaking service that claims compatibility may be determined by DNA and discovers she is quite compatible with the founder of the company.

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