10 Genius Ways To Use Avocado

Avocado seeds are used. You can produce dye fabric, create shampoo, and beauty products or use them in several different fun crafts and rooms. Avocado squares are one of my favorite foods, and once they are in season we tend to buy dozens per month. If you know about the ways to use these amazing fruits then you love to buy more.


1 - A Facial Mask
For making a face mask first dry the pits, grind them up, then use them in your homemade facial mask as an exfoliant. Mix seed with your selection of ingredients: olive oil and a banana, avocado and juice, or any ready-made facial scrub.
2 - Grow An Avocado Tree
Sprouting the seed is easy at interval weeks. You'll need a gorgeous plant to decorate your house. With its dark, shiny leaves, avocado plant leaves look nice on the room counter, within the lavatory, outside on the deck, or where you choose to place them. If you are thinking of planting the tree outside, you ought to grasp that avocado trees do best in fairly heat temperatures (60-85°F) with moderate humidity.

3 - Eat It
You can grind up avocado pits in an exceeding smoothie. It contains many nutrients as well as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 

4 - Make A Natural Ornamentation
You want cool-looking ornamentation made up of natural materials. Why not attempt to create one with leftover, desiccated avocado pits? Attach your pits to a base with some twine and droop it up outside.

5 - Make Tea
Put chunks of the avocado pit in a tea infuser, place the infuser in an exceedingly mug, and pour boiling water over it. Avocado seeds are bitter, therefore you'll add a little bit of honey or a different sweetener.

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6 - Use Them In Art Comes
You can use dried avocado seeds in an exceedingly different type of completely different art. All you wish to try to do is get creative! folks have used them to form jewelry (like pendants, earrings and necklaces, and brooches). You can conjointly carve them into mini sculptures and paint them. They have even been accustomed to creating buttons.

7 - Wash Your Hair
Wash your hair with some homemade avocado shampoo. This easy formula uses 3 dried and grated avocado pits, six cups of water, and simply several ounces of your regular shampoo. The shampoo purportedly thickens and softens hair. While you are using it, hop in the bathtub with the leftover avocado peels and rub all of them over your skin for supplementary moisturizing.

8 - Indelible Ink
Avocado pits were used as inks. Place the seed in an exceedingly significant bag and crush it exploitation one thing, a significant sort of a hammer or a brick. The milk-like liquid that comes out can flip red or black once exposed to the air. Dip a handwriting pen or a skinny applicator into this liquid and use it to put in writing or paint on a sheet of paper.

9 - Make Beauty Products
Make a wonderful exfoliant for rough skin by pulverizing the seed into granules and mixing these with olive or copra oil. Apply in the shower, rubbing in an exceedingly circular motion. You conjointly create a moisturizing mask by mashing along 1/2 the avocado, a pair of tablespoons of honey, and a small-grained avocado pit. Apply to face and let sit for ten minutes, then scrub with heat water to exfoliate before remoting.

10 - Ease Toothache
Cut off a chunk of the nether region and apply it to a sore tooth to ease the pain. Gargling with the cooled tea (recipe above) also can facilitate.

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